Octopath Traveler: How To Find +50% XP & JP Accessories | Captain & Friendship Badges Guide

Want more XP and JP after every single battle in Octopath Traveler? You’ll want to collect two awesome accessories — the Captain Badge, and the Badge of Friendship. These secret items can only be obtained after you’ve completed two of the stories, and they can be pretty tricky to find. Before going hunting for other endings and super-bosses, you’ll absolutely want to get these two accessories.

The accessories affect the whole party, not just the character that equips it. As long as the equipped character is in your current roster, everyone will get a +50% bonus to either JP (Badge of Friendship) or XP (Captain’s Badge) — they’re some of the most useful farming accessories in the game, and getting both will seriously help you reach the highest levels in the post-game a whole lot faster.

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How To Find +50% XP & JP Accessories | Captain & Friendship Badges Guide

Before you can get these accessories, you’ll need to complete the main stories for Ophilia and Olberic. You can only obtain the Captain’s Badge (XP) after finishing Olberic’s story, and you can only obtain the Badge of Friendship (JP) after finishing Ophilia’s story.

  • PRO TIP: If you unlock the specialist classes, you can increase +50% XP / JP to +100% XP / JP. The Starseer class has a passive ability to increase +50% JP, and the Warmaster class has a passive ability to increase +50% XP. Both abilities will stack with these accessories.

How To Get The Captain’s Badge (+50% XP): 

Travel to Wellspring, and find the Captain with an orange sidequest marker. This quest is only available after completing Olberic’s main story. To complete this quest and gain the Captain’s Badge as a quest reward, go to Goldshore — enter the Cathedral and use Inquire / Scrutinize on Bishop Donovan. Return to the Captain in Wellspring to complete the quest and gain the Captain’s Badge.

How To Get The Badge of Friendship (+50% JP):

Travel to Saintsbridge with Therion after completing Ophilia’s main story. Talk to Emil in Saintsbridge to start his sidequest. Travel right and cross the bridge to find a Bully NPC. Steal the River Blossom item from the Bully, and then return the flower to Nathan. This will complete the quest, and unlock the Badge of Friendship.

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