State of Decay 2: Sheriff Legacy Goal Walkthrough | Endings Guide

If you’re aiming to actually finish State of Decay 2, one of the best legacy goals to go after is the Sheriff. Depending on the leader you’ve appointed in your community, you’ll have a different end-game goal to complete after destroying every Plague Heart on the map. Usually, that means getting into shootouts with enemy enclaves.

The Sheriff Legacy Goal is all about protecting your map from invaders. A deadly band of killers are moving in, and they’re targeting every enclave in the area. You’ll have to help allies survive, then assault the invader’s outpost and kill their leader. Fighting humans is the most dangerous thing you can do in State of Decay 2 — guns will shred even your hardiest survivors. Be prepared, and bring plenty of firepower. Here’s all our tips for completing the Sheriff Legacy Goal.

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Sheriff Legacy Goal Walkthrough | Endings Guide


To reach the end-game goals, your community needs to destroy all the Plague Hearts on your current map. There are usually about 12 Plague Hearts to destroy — you can follow our guides (listed above) for tips, but finding them all shouldn’t be too hard. Just spend some influence and use the radio to spot the last few if you can’t find them.

Before destroying all the Plague Hearts, you’ll want to be prepared. The final legacy goal questline will begin immediately after destroying all Plague Hearts, and some of the steps are timed.

  • Before Destroying All Plague Hearts, Be Prepared:
    • Make sure you have lots of weapons and a full roster of survivors in your community.
    • Guns are most important. An Assault Rifle with 60+ bullets is recommended.
    • If you don’t have an Assault Rifle, bring a pistol. Firing fast is very important.
    • Create a few stacks of Fire-Crackers, and breakdown gas / ammo resources into gas cans and bullets.
    • Running low on supplies? Don’t worry. We’ll be done in less than an hour. If you’re almost out of food, don’t bother finding more. After completing this questline, the campaign will reset.

That’s everything you need. Let’s get started — the Sheriff missions will start after completing the community goal to destroy all Plague Hearts in the area.

NOTE: You need at least one allied enclave to begin the final quests. Make sure you have an ally — it also helps to have at least two, but you really only need one allied enclave to make this quest complete faster.

Sheriff Legacy Questline

Return to your community base and talk to the survivors about destroying all the Plague Hearts. After that, you’ll get a call from an allied enclave. They’ll ask you to check on another enclave that’s gone missing — when you arrive, you’ll learn that the enclave is dead. They’ve been wiped out. Don’t worry, the dead enclaves are new groups created specifically for this quest.

Step #1: The Invaders

Search the location with your allied enclave follower and you’ll find a note — show it to your follower, then check the next location listed on the note (and on your map) — to find a second note. It turns out there’s a band of marauders planning on invading your map, and they’re killing any enclave that doesn’t join up with them.

Return to your allied enclave to defend against a band of three armed bandits. These are human enemies, and they can quickly kill you with melee attacks or gunfire. Take cover around the side of the building, and go for headshots — this is where a pistol or assault rifle really comes in handy.

They’ll be distracted by the enclave, but don’t get bogged down in a long fight. Toss fire-crackers to distract nearby zombies, and put the bandits down with guns. Melee weapons take too long.

Step #2: Loyalty

Return to your community and you’ll begin the ‘Sheriff: Loyalty‘ quest. You’ll need to travel to two friendly enclaves (if they’re allies, things will go smoothly) and talk to them. If you’ve been keeping up with your enclaves and helping everyone, there shouldn’t be any problems.

The last enclave you visit will be a new location, invented specifically for this quest. That’s a bad sign — when you talk to them, they’ll become hostile and reveal they’re working for the invading bandits. Immediately run outside and take cover. Throw fire-crackers, and wait for them to follow you outside through the door, then blast them as they exit.

Immediately after the betrayal, you’ll need to return to the original enclave you helped. You’ll have 15 minutes, so drive back to your community and stock up on items before going in. Again, you’ll need to kill three human invaders. They’re busy, so you should be able to headshot (or chest shot until they’re down) and move on.

Step #3: Hunt The Invader Leader

For the last step, you’ll hunt the leader of the invaders. He’s holed up with a large group of bandits in a random location — usually a large building like a modern factory. No matter what, he’s always hiding at the top of the building with at least two bandits. The bandits are well-armed, and you’ll find 6+ of them, spread out throughout the facility.

For a bonus, talk to the enclave you rescued earlier. They’ll give you 6+ Flashbangs, incredibly useful for this fight. 

Get a follower to help you here, and arm them with a pistol or an assault rifle. Bring plenty of painkillers, you’ll need instant health sometimes, and fire-crackers to distract zombies. Bring all the ammo you want, you won’t need it after this fight.

Carefully sneak into the facility. I recommend checking every entrance and exit, or throw fire-crackers into the building. The invaders will immediately start shooting the zombies, and they’ll serve as a pretty great distraction.

While the invaders are fighting, find the back entrance and kill anyone guarding it. Go to each door, and look carefully for invaders inside — snipe them, one by one. You can also end things quickly — after activating the invader leader, run outside the outpost and aim with a sniper rifle. If you headshot him from the ground, you’ll immediately complete the quest.

That isn’t always so easy. Take the stairs up to the roof and be prepared for an incredibly deadly situation on the top floor. The leader is holed up with two bandit buddies — ignore them and shoot to kill the leader. Even if you don’t kill him instantly with a headshot, keep shooting him while he’s down. Throw flashbangs at everyone.

If you manage to kill the leader, the rest of the bandits will surrender and flee. And that’s it! You’ve completed the campaign. For finishing with the Sheriff Legacy, you’ll earn the Sheriff Legacy Boon for New Game+ — you’ll get rare loot rewards daily, delivered to your community base.