State of Decay 2: How To Unlock Artillery Strikes | Best Radio Command Guide

The Artillery Strike Radio Command is one of the most powerful weapons you can unlock in State of Decay 2. Unlike the first game, this super-powered explosive weapon isn’t locked behind story progress — you can basically earn it right away in the game, and it’s really useful for taking out some of the toughest opponents you’ll face. Juggernauts? They’re nothing compared to this zombie-cleared nuke.

Getting your hands on it will cost some influence — but, once you’re well-established, you should have plenty of influence to throw around. You don’t need to make friends with military goons, all you need to do is establish the right kind of outpost. It’s easy, and you can do it no matter what map you select to start.

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How To Unlock The Artillery Strike | Best Radio Command Guide


There are lots of awesome radio commands you can get, but none are more explosive than the Artillery Strike. One quick call to the artillery dispatcher will give your survivor a smoke grenade. Toss the grenade, and a few seconds later, a rain of explosions that pepper the area around the smoke grenade, nuking anything in the area.

  • How To Unlock The Artillery Strike:
    • Search the map for a Military Comms Station. These are remote army bases found on the far outskirts of the map.
      • You can find the Cascade Hills Military Comms Station north of the church base, in the center / northern region. There’s almost nothing else up there, and it’s far away from the roads.
    • Clear the base and then make it an Outpost. It costs 500 Influence.
      • The Comms Station houses high level military weapons. You’re very likely to find an Assault Rifle, so they’re worth finding even if you don’t want to make an outpost.
    • As long as you have the Artillery Outpost, you’ll be able to access the Artillery Strike command from the radio menu. It costs 150 Influence per use, and takes 30 minutes to recharge.
      • After using the Artillery Strike radio command, you’ll get a smoke grenade as a selectable item. Throw it like any regular grenade, and stand back. The artillery strike will drop three explosives in the area of the smoke.

To get the most out of the Artillery Strike, you’ll want to cluster lots of zombies in the location. Use fireworks or a boombox to draw zombies into an area — including Juggernauts. Not even those huge brutes can withstand the artillery strike.

It’s expensive (in Influence), and I can’t get enough of it. If you don’t mind using up an outpost slot on something that isn’t entirely necessary for survival, and yet totally awesome, then I recommend grabbing the nearest Comms Station.