State of Decay 2: How To Cure (Or Delay) The Blood Plague | Infection Treatment Guide

There’s nothing worse than coming down with a bad case of the Blood Plague in State of Decay 2.

Right from the start of the game, you’ll have a survivor that’s come down hard with the Blood Plague, and even as you progress in the game, you’ll have to manage the illness. Here, I’m going to explain what it is you need to do to avoid becoming a zombie.

Sometimes a cure just isn’t enough. You’ll need more and more — sometimes it’s better to treat than infection through other means. Yes, you can execute someone before they turn.

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How To Cure (Or Delay) The Blood Plague | Infection Treatment Guide

The Blood Plague is spread by plague zombies. Plague Zombies are covered in blood, and their glowing red eyes make them easy to spot in the dark — regular zombies’ eyes only glow yellow. At night, more Plague Zombies will appear, and the only way to lower the Plague Zombie population is by destroying Plague Hearts.

The disgusting Plague Hearts are the source of the Blood Plague that causes zombification. These nests are guarded by huge swarms of Plague Zombies, and for each you one destroy on a map, the others will become more powerful.

When dealing with Plague Zombies — don’t let them bite you. An attack (or bite) won’t infect you every single time, but there’s a chance that it will. The more often you’re attacked, the more likely you’ll get infected.


Curing Infections (Or Stalling Zombification)

At a certain point, after your infection meter fills up too much, you’ll become infected. A timer will appear, and you’ll only have so much time before you succumb to the infection and become a zombie. That’s an instant death for the infected survivor. There are four ways you can deal with an infected survivor.

  1. Intern the infected in a bed in the Infirmary. This will cost +3 Meds per interval. It’s expensive, but it will give you time for the second option.
  2. Craft a Blood Plague Cure and administer it. The Blood Plague cure requires +5 Plague Samples. After crafting it, take it from the base inventory and interact with the infected to administer the cure.
  3. Treat the Blood Plague. It costs +3 Plague Samples to remove the infection meter build up. It’s slightly cheaper, but it’s better to simply rest to lower the build up. Swap characters before you’re fully infected.
  4. Or, you can kill the infected. Select to exile the infected is another option — your base will take a big morale hit either way.

No matter what, you need to build an infirmary. Every base MUST HAVE AN INFIRMARY — without a way to cure the Blood Plague, any infected are essentially sentenced to death.

How To Get Plague Samples

Plague Samples are a rare resource you absolutely must have to cure (or treat) the Blood Plague. They randomly drop from dead Plague Zombies. You’ll find more Plague Zombies at night, or surrounding Plague Hearts. If you’re desperate for Plague Samples, bring a gun to a Plague Heart (and an ally) and start hunting Plague Zombies.

  • NOTE: Plague Hearts will always drop 4-5 Plague Samples after being destroyed.

Boombox, fireworks, or firecrackers are perfect for luring Plague Zombies into the open. You can also grab a vehicle you don’t want and ram the horde of undead — backing into the undead will cause your vehicle to take less damage.

Plague Samples become more and more rare. If you can’t find many Plague Zombies, try travelling to a section of the map you haven’t yet explored. Climb up into a scouting tower and search the area — you’re going to find a Plague Heart.

How To Get Even Better Plague Cures / Treatment

There are improved cures / treatment options available — but only if you build a Field Hospital. The upgraded treatment facility has two requirements:

  1. A large facility slot.
  2. A Hero promoted to a Sheriff leader.

Burton, the soldier you gain in the tutorial, will become a Sheriff leader. A Field Hospital allows you to treat everyone in the community, all at the same time.

  • The Sheriff leader unlocks the Plague Treatment For All ability in the Field Hospital. This will treat everyone in your base — remember, it only treats the plague, it doesn’t cure it.

You can also unlock the Bulk Blood Plague Cure package in the Lvl. 2 Infirmary.

  • The Bulk Plague Cure cure package can be traded for a huge amount of influence to allies, or you can break up a Bulk Plague Cure Package into 4 Plague Cure Vials — the Bulk Plague Cure costs 20 Plague Samples and 8 medicine resources.

The Field Hospital is the best possible facility for managing the Blood Plague. You’ll need plenty of medical supplies too — I recommend establishing a medical supply outpost early so you’ll never have to worry about meds. It helps to have a survivor with lots of medical skill, too. The Field Hospital also provides three blood plague treatment beds, instead of the standard one.