Far Cry 5: The Best ARCADE Maps (So Far) Showcase | Week 3 [4/14]

While Far Cry 5 is still relatively fresh, join us for another ARCADE showcase, delving into a few maps we haven’t yet talked about. This week, we’re playing a bunch of parkour and fighting through difficult maps full of zombies, cultists, and angry mercs. Even the horror-themed maps are tougher than usual. Some of them are starting to look great, while others veer toward pure gameplay territory, foregoing graphics altogether.

Out of the six maps we picked this week, two are a totally new spin on ARCADE maps. It took awhile, but we’ve finally got platforming maps to play. You can race friends to complete a parkour obstacle course, or try to reach the top of a seemingly endless tower. As far as action maps, you’ll explore a beautiful (and creative) recreation of the RE7 Baker Guest House. Best of all so far is a lengthy hospital visit. Check out all the maps in the full gallery below.

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The Best ARCADE Maps (So Far) Showcase | Week 3 [4/14]


Hospital ver2

  • By: yk562
  • Type: Journey

Yet another horror-themed map, but this one goes deeper (and more difficult) than most of the other spooky maps I’ve spotlighted so far. Here, you’ll explore a large hospital complex, sneaking or fighting through Bliss zombies with melee weapons only. Eventually, you’ll reach an armory that’s packed with weapons — perfect, as the last stretch is literally crawling with hordes of zombies. What makes this map special is the amount of detail in the environments. This is a totally indoor, unique structure that’s unlike anything in Far Cry 5.

Lost City

  • By: Ubisoft
  • Type: Outpost

Back to the Ubisoft well — this is one of their creative Outpost maps, this time set in an ancient city guarded by a band of ruthless mercenaries. Following kind-of a theme this week, this map is also pretty tricky compared to previous outpost maps. After a few weeks of easy levels, creators (and Ubisoft) are starting to wise up — we want a challenge. In Lost City, you’ll start on a high vantage and can choose three different playstyle; assault, sniper, or stealth. It’s a nice little map that improves upon the outposts in the main game.

Island Pass

  • By: LetsEat419
  • Type: Assault

These maps are seriously tough! This is a classic, almost Far Cry 1-style map — you and a bunch of weapons versus huge groups of well-armed mercenaries. You’ll have to fight through an island pass, busting through each enemy outpost, one-by-one. They have snipers, rocket launchers, and armored goon — you’ll have to conserve ammo, move carefully, and clear each area. It’s a pretty grueling map, but one with some old school early 00’s PC-gaming inspiration.

Resident evil 7 ep 2

  • By: wim.buytarert
  • Type: Journey

Finally, a recreation that actually looks great! Instead of the crude PS1-era remake of Shadow Moses, this week we’ve got a Far Cry 5 version of Resident Evil 7 — the creepy Baker residence recreated in exacting detail. Instead of replicating the dread-inducing gameplay, you’ll be shooting your way through the remade Guest House, taking out cultists. There’s even a riverboat ride at the end, taking you to (presumably) the next level in the series — the Old House.

Parkour Race

  • By: RiseAgainstBMX
  • Type: Journey

What this map lacks in looks, it makes up for in cooperative fun. There’s no reason to play this solo — this is a parkour map, so it’s basically a set of ten platforming challenges. You’ll want to be the first to reach the exit, even though there really isn’t a prize for winning. Just smug satisfaction. You’ll learn climbing tricks, sprint across tightropes, crawl through vent mazes, and swing on ropes. It’s best to introduce yourself (and friends) to the map blind.

Get High Challenge

  • By: Aeterno9
  • Type: Journey

Another parkour map. This one is actually fun to play solo! Of course, you can also treat it like a race, but this one is closer to a true challenge. The goal is to climb to the very top without falling. It’s a herculean task — if you slip up, you’ll tumble to the very bottom of the massive skyscraper. There are no checkpoint. Just your endurance, and your will to reach the top. I’ll probably never make it, but if you’ve got the will and the want, I say go for it.

Other Maps Worth Checking Out:

  • Multiverse (Assault)
    • What starts off looking pretty butt-ugly kind of gets interesting. Starting in an orange-tinted future room, you’ll travel through portals to reach different Assassin’s Creed tilesets — including Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and Assassin’s Creed: Unity.
  • SWAT Sim (Assault)
    • You can’t really call anything in Far Cry 5 “hardcore” — but this is as close as it gets. The map isn’t that tough, but you don’t get any of the easy mods most of these maps add. Friendly Fire is on, there’s no spotting of enemies through walls, and each room is a little trickier than the last.
  • Far Cry Classic (Assault)
    • It’s nice to return to the tranquil, simpler island setting of the original Far Cry. This is a pretty accurate representation of that game. There are jetskis to ride, beach huts, and patrolling guards for you to pick off. What more do you need?