Kirby: Star Allies – How To Beat Every Boss | All Boss Fights Guide

Kirby: Star Allies is a traditional addition to the long-running franchise, so boss battles are back — and classic opponents are back too. Whispy Woods, King Dedede, and other recurring nemeses return for another round with Kirby. And, like in Kirby: Planet Robobot, all of these encounters have been updated with some wild transformations.

King Dedede isn’t just his usual fat, hammer-wielding self in this game. Nope, he transforms into a shirtless, muscle-bound monster with gigantic swinging fists. The bosses, generally, are a lot more involved than other Kirby games. They’ll transform, change phases, and generally try to smash Kirby and friends with some very impressive attacks.

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How To Beat Every Boss | All Boss Fights Guide

Bosses in Kirby games aren’t exactly tough. We won’t get into too much detail here — just a quick rundown on every boss, what they look like, and what cool moves they pull off. Sometimes there’s a strategy that help, but most of the time you’ll just want to smash them with element-enhanced friend combos.

World 1 – Dream Land


Whispy Woods

The standard first boss of every Kirby game returns. Whispy Woods is a big tree that shakes apples loose and spits projectiles. In his second form, he drops a huge wave of apples from his leaves and splits up your friends, hopping into the middle and glowing with dark energy.

I recommend using the yo-yo infused with Fire to really burn this big, bad boss to the ground. Beware the purple mist his spits in his second form! You can’t smack that stuff away. Stay on the ground and attack up with the yo-yo to avoid getting crushed by apples.


King Dedede

Big bad King Dedede is the final boss of World 1, and he doesn’t seem so impressive at first. Just regular ol’ penguin king and nemesis to Kirby. Once he’s down some health, he’ll transform into a giant monster! He’ll gain muscles and stomp the floor, smashing into two different lower arenas.

At the bottom of the tower, he’ll swing on the poles, smashing anyone in his way. He’ll also ground-pound, getting stuck on the floor in his final attack. Grab Cutter and combine with any element to make defeating Dedede a little easier.

World 2 – Planet Popstar


Meta Knight

The mysterious swordsman Meta Knight appears for an early re-match. You’ll have to pick up a sword power before the fight begins, and you’ll need it — Meta Knight flies around the arena, dropping bombs and lunging forward with his sword. Time your attacks — swing your sword to hit his as he lunges to stun him!

Power-up, because Meta Knight splits into four different versions of himself once he takes enough damage. At this point, he’ll also drop four columns of rocks. Destroy the rocks before Meta Knight slams through them, and he’ll get stuck in the ground, leaving him vulnerable for a few seconds. Spam the Zap Sword to summon lightning and give Kirby lots of invincibility while performing his spin-attack.

World 3: Jambastion


Pon & Con

The dual defenders, Pon and Con, are the first boss of the Jambastion. They don’t fight as hard as Meta Knight, but they can still be a challenge — they’ll sprint across three levels of platforms, while a sneaky raccoon drops bombs from above.

Destroy the bombs before they explode to stun all the enemies on screen. You can also use ESP to really blast these two — just jump or drop down to a level where Pon or Con won’t hit you, then control the ESP energy to slam into the enemies.



The first of three Generals of Magic, Francisca wields the element of ice — that means you’ll want to¬† jump into this battle with some fire on your side. Grab the Staff + Fire to give this flying alien a hot reception.

When she whips out the freeze cannon, stand underneath her and attack from below. She likes flying around, freezing your friends with ice-powered attacks. Here’s a useful staff combo; jump, then attack down and charge to launch yourself into the air. While mid-air, attack again to unleash a staff barrage! It’s really awesome against Francisca.



The second general is Flamberge, the Blazing General. He unleashes a fire-elemental sword, so you’ll want to be prepared. Combine Bomb + Ice for a powerful attack to cool this hot-headed general down.

Watch out for the slam attack when they point their sword at the ground, and dodge the incoming swords that track you. You can smash the fire swords when they land, and you can use ice-attacks to put out the flames. Throw bombs from below and you’ll eventually take this bad guy down.


Zan Partizanne

The electric general is the oldest of the three, and the last you’ll face. They’re fast, and unleash a torrent of lightning attacks. Dodge and stay on your toes, because eventually the general will tire themselves out and remain stunned for a pretty long time — long enough to totally defeat them.

Add Water + Staff / Ninja to Kirby’s repertoire to avoid taking too much damage, and wait between attacks. Chill out when the stars come flying. Just stand inbetween the torrent to avoid all those attacks, then fight back with anything you’ve got.

World 4: Starlight Heroes


Yggy Woods

As you progress though World 4, you’ll encounter remixed versions of old bosses. The first is Yggy Woods, an older, wiser tree. The big tree has a few different attacks — he’ll launch clouds from his mouth that can’t be destroyed, and drop spikes from his branches. When he drops a barrage, beware the spikes that follow! He’ll also just around in his second form. Grab a Yo-yo and add Zap for extra damage against this guy.


Goldon & Solvox

These guys change their tactics halfway through the fight. Their arena increases and splits your team with a gated tower in the center. Periodically the gates will open, allowing Kirby to cross over — otherwise, they basically fight the same, minus a little bit of randomness. The pair of running animals will change platforms mid-fight, or even start rolling!

To make this fight easier, grab the Chef Copy Ability from the bonus room before reaching the boss arena. You’ll be able to heal with his Friend Ability, or make him a friend and he’ll increase the strength of the team, while also summoning plenty of food.


Grand Mam

The massive Grand Mam is a totally new boss! Remember all those huge bombs we cut earlier? You’ll have to do something similar to defeat Grand Mam while using the Friend Star. Swap to a Cutter Copy Ability to cut the exposed rope when Grand Mam attacks, then set it on fire. Press [X] to swap which friend is shooting.

Don’t worry! If you don’t have Fire / Sword, enemies will spawn so you can collect the Copy Abilities and defeat this boss. Set off the giant bombs twice and attack while her armor is off to defeat Grand Mam.


Kracko / Twin Kracko

The big weird eyeball-cloud returns! This classic Kirby enemy changes forms halfway through the fight, summoning enormous storms and blasting the ground with multi-hit attacks. When the clouds begin to charge up, get out from under them! All of their attacks go straight down. Grab the Whip and you can use a multi-hit combo on them when they’re low to the ground.


Lord Hyness

The first form of the weirdo in a white robe, Lord Hyness, doesn’t seem all that tough. He’s actually kind of a push-over! He uses three types of elemental attacks; fire, ice, and electricity. Each one has a counter, but most of his attacks are pretty easy to dodge. You can also attack and destroy his purple cloudy projectiles.

The real fight doesn’t begin until he unveils his final form — and joins with his three generals! The three generals unleash a variety of souped-up elemental attacks, and Hyness uses them like projectiles, thwapping Kirby with whichever one he’s currently carrying. The real trouble is when he unleashes Friend Abilities — like the Friend Circle! Don’t try to fight him, just avoid his attacks until he stops spinning around the arena in circles.

I recommend bringing the Sword and friends of all three elemental types — use Blizzard Sword to leave behind damaging ice when you uppercut, or use the Zap Sword to charge and drop circles of electrical energy right on top of Hyness, doing a ton of damage. If you find yourself running low on health a lot, bring the Artist — they can paint a Still Life and summon up healing items for you and your friends.


Void Termina

The gigantic Void Termina is a long battle, and it’s totally unique! Instead of a sidescrolling battle, you can move freely around the arena. Your Friend Power lets you shoot charged attacks — so keep shooting! Dodge the incoming blasts, and your flyer will auto-target the first weakpoint that appear. To defeat this first form, blast the weak points until they break. When the sword-arms appear, stay out of his way and shoot the point on his back! To finish him off, blast the front weak spot and jump into the void that appears.

You’re now inside Void Termina. This is crazy! But don’t back down now. Let’s rip into this monstrosity. The Zap Sword is very, very useful here. Use the charged Zap Sword under the heart to generate electricity circles that destroy incoming goop droplets and hurt the heart. When the heart is destroyed, grab the handholds to pull it apart and begin the third phase.

Void Termina grows wings and begins to fly! When he flies past the ground, you’ll be able to shoot and target the weak point — time will slow down as he flies close to the ground, so make the most out of your chance! The worst attacks come later. After breaking three weak spots, the next weak spot is on the boss’ back, so jump over the wing when it swoops down to hit it.

The final phase is the toughest part. This is the final form, and it doesn’t mess around. He’ll turn your allies against you, so throw hearts at any friends that are trying to attack you. Watch his attacks — there are breaks in the beams he generates around him where you’ll need to stand. Stand between the spike attacks, and fly away when he charges his super beam! Fly in a circle and wait these attacks out, and revive your friends whenever they’re knocked out. Keep using Zap Sword charge attacks — they’ll give you invincibility frames while spinning. The trick is just surviving in this fight. As long as you don’t take too much damage, you can keep fighting and whittling this big bad boss down.

At the end, you’ll have to complete a quick-time-event. Mash the buttons that appear! Don’t get tripped up, the buttons are going to change. After that, it’s the end. You did it! Popstar is saved again.

For beating the game, you’ll unlock new modes!

  • Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
  • The Ultimate Choice
  • In Far-Flung Starlight Heroes: Ability Planet & Extra Planet O