Kirby: Star Allies – All Big Button Locations | Extra Stages Guide

Big Buttons, or Big Switches, are how you’ll unlock secret levels in Kirby: Star Allies. There are (usually) only two or three big buttons in each world, and one of them always leads to a Dream Palace where Kirby can summon legendary friends he’s unlocked. The other switches invariably lead to EX stages, and who doesn’t love an extra level?

The extra levels aren’t just optional bonuses. You can freely skip them, but they’re full levels filled with classic music from Kirby’s past. You’ll also be able to collect Picture Piece collectibles from these extra stages, and they’re required to complete all the Celebration Art in the game. If you’re looking for more gameplay and want to 100% Kirby: Star Allies, you won’t want to miss any of these Big Buttons.

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All Big Button Locations | Extra Stages Guide

Big Buttons are hidden switches that unlock Extra Stages in the overworld map. To see which stages have Big Buttons, look in the bottom-left corner of the title card before starting the level. There’s a small, squad, oval-shaped area next to the Picture Piece. If it’s empty, you’re missing a Big Button.


World 1 – Dream Land

  • 1-2: Donut Dome – You can’t miss this Big Button. It’s near the end of the level, and you have to press it to progress. It unlocks the Dream Palace in World 1.
  • 1-3: Honey Hill – After escaping the giant Waddledee ball, you’ll reach a room with a hill and a cannon. Combine Fire + Yoyo to hit the fuse below the cannon and launch up to the bonus room. Hit the button and get the key before the ball breaks through, and you’ll reach the second big switch. This one leads to an extra stage!

World 2 – Planet Popstar

  • 2-1: Friendly Field – Eventually, you’ll reach a cliff with a bonus area entrance that teaches you about the Bluster Cutter Friend Ability. Combine Wind + Cutter to shoot wind up — go to the top-left corner of the room to find a pile of leaves. Use the Bluster Cutter to remove the leaves and enter the room to find this Dream Palace button.
  • 2-2: Reef Resort – At one of the large TNT bundles, use an Umbrella or Ice to freeze the waterfalls, then set the fuse on fire. The door will lead to a big button that unlocks an EX level.
  • 2-4: Nature’s Navel – Midway through the level, grab a Bluster element and cut through a burning chain in a lava passage. Cut down the chain and enter the bonus area.


World 3 – Jambastion

  • 3-2: Eastern Wall – Before the end of the level, you’ll use a Friend Bridge to get a key-carrier to a locked door. Instead of letting him cross, move down and use the walls to block him from stepping into the spikes. Reach the bottom and climb the ladder to find the big switch.
  • 3-3: Longview Corridor – Near one of the yellow star exit doors, there’s a red door blocked by a locked gate. Use Geokinesis (combine ESP + Stone) to electrify the circuit.
  • 3-4: Western Outer Wall – As you climb the outer wall, you’ll run into a passage on the right that leads to a bonus room. Defeat the miniboss and collect the Artist Copy Ability. Paint the empty canvas outside her arena to create a key — take the key up to unlock a gate to another bonus area. The big button is at the end of this trickier to reach bonus dsaroom.
  • 3-5: Inner Sanctum – When you reach the room with a blocked-off electricity cable and a locked door above the normal exit, use the Zap Bomb (Bomb + Electricity) to activate the node and unlock the path that leads to an Extra Stage button.


World 4: Starlight Heroes

  • 4-1: Planet Earthfall – In the final room, climb up the platforms toward the treasure chest with the key. Before taking the key, use the Cleaning (Bluster) power to launch your friends through the big rocks, smashing through and revealing a path to this big switch.
  • 4-2: Planet Misteen – Grab the Hammer Copy Ability from the miniboss, then complete the level until you reach the area where the water lowers. Use the Zap Hammer to smash the big electricity button when the water lowers, opening the gate to a bonus room.
  • 4-4: Planet Frostak – Enter the second bonus room with Cutter + Ice, then hold up and throw a charged cutter blade up into the wind tunnels. If charged, the blade will bounce (keep holding up!) into the burning chain, clearing the path for Kirby to reach the button.
  • 4-6: Star Lavadom – In the third room, collect a Rock Copy Ability and hit the stump with any combo + Stone to slide Kirby into the wooden stump, lowering the platform to reveal a bonus room with a big button.