Kirby: Star Allies – All Picture Piece Locations | Collectibles Guide

Collect fancy celebration art for Kirby: Star Allies with every Picture Piece location. There’s a large picture piece in every stage of Kirby: Star Allies, and finding them all can get pretty tricky — they’re usually hidden in dead-end corners, behind unbreakable blocks, and require special friend combinations that you might miss.

Finding large picture pieces isn’t enough to unlock a celebration art for your gallery — you’ll need to find lots of these collectible puzzle pieces. The more you find, the more sections of different art pieces will be filled in. You’ll also need to collect small puzzle pieces; tiny ones that appear all over levels. Those can also be earned using amiibo. They’re a lot easier to find, and you can farm them infinitely just by replaying levels. These big picture pieces can only be collected once.

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All Picture Piece Locations | Collectibles Guide

Picture Pieces are found all throughout the game, but there are specific, special collectible pieces hidden in every stage. The large picture pieces give you three puzzle pieces for different unlockable celebration art. Find them to get all the art.


World 1 – Dream Land

  • 1-1: Green Gardens – After the frosty mini-boss, move forward until you find burning logs. Cut through them and burn the foliage in this tiny dead end to reveal the first picture piece.
  • 1-2: Donut Dome – Complete the first long, ramped room where you get the Stone copy ability. Ahead, you’ll reach another room, and another yellow star door. Before leaving, smash through the burning enemies using a Stone + Ice /  Water Friend Ability. Any Stone element combo will work. Hit the button below to lower the platform to the picture piece.
  • 1-3: Honey Hill – Near the end of the level, use a fire element attack to light the fuse near a row of four cannons. Jump in and ride them up and into a picture piece.
  • 1-4: Fruity Forest – In the first room, go up the hill until you reach a floor you can drop through with giant cats below. Open the chest to get the picture piece.
  • 1-5: Clash at Castle Dedede – In the middle of the level, use the Friend Throw ability (Fighter / Suplex + Friend) and smash the metal block on the right when you reach an arena with spawning enemies.
  • 1-EX: Extra Éclair – Later in the level, you’ll reach a long forest with hanging nuts on trees. At the end of the room, there’s a locked door. The key is located in the previous forest on a tall tree. Grab a Sword ability and cut down the high, hanging nut. Through the door, pull down the cork with four friends and then complete the bonus room.


World 2 – Planet Popstar

  • 2-1: Friendly Field – Take the Friend Circle all the way to the end of the gauntlet and smash all the cracked walls. The picture piece will drop with tons of stars at the exit door.
  • 2-2: Reef Resort – After the Cook miniboss battle, don’t miss the picture piece in the water before the exit door. Drop under the bridge and swim to collect it!
  • 2-3: Echo’s Edge – On the second Friend Bridge Friend Action, move the key-carrying character up, bounce him off the left wall, then rise up all the way to unlock the door that leads to a picture piece.
  • 2-4: Nature’s Navel – At the end of the level, stop at the exit door and climb the ladder above the exit door. The picture piece spins around a deadly obstacle.
  • 2-5: Sacred Square – In the third room with the flying friends power-up, drop the second cannon and follow the trail of stars. It leads up to a fire enemy and a pointer to the upper-right that leads to ice blocks. Melt through the blocks and hit the switch to make the piece appear.
  • 2-EX: Inside Islands – In the long, high column room, stop when you see two huge spike enemies on the left. Grab a Spider Copy Ability and hold up to launch a friend through the spikes. Your friend will reveal a chest with the picture piece.
  • 2-EX2: Duplex Dream – On the path with lava platforms moving up and down, ride down and use fire to melt the blocks leading to a red star door. Enter the bonus room and collect the Whip ability. Use the whip with fire to melt the top ice block, then use the whip to collect the key to the picture piece.


World 3: Jambastion

  • 3-1: Gatehouse Road – Pass the Mike (Microphone) enemy and follow the path to a bunch of yellow star blocks. Smash the star block in the lower-left corner.
  • 3-2: Eastern Wall – Collect Suplex from the miniboss and ride the elevator up in the room with the enemy masks. To the left, there are large blocks you can smash through that lead to a bonus room door. Solve the puzzle with Suplex Friend Throw and some Zap power.
  • 3-3: Longview Corridor – Past the room where the rock enemies first appear, you’ll eventually reach large rock blocks that can only be broken with Geokinesis. Combine ESP + Stone to smash through and grab the missing treasure.
  • 3-4: Western Outer Wall – Through the double-door that splits your friends into two teams. As you progress, you’ll find small star switches — hit them all on the top level to make a picture piece appear.
  • 3-5: Inner Sanctum – Very early in the level, find a bonus room door blocked by an enemy. You can’t miss it. Solve the puzzle with a Bomb + Zap friend combo.
  • 3-6: Heavenly Hall – While escaping the bastion, you’ll gain the Friend Star combo ability. In the second room, with the spinning spikes and the falling-away floors, rush ahead to catch the picture piece before it falls into oblivion. If you miss it, just die to restart.
  • 3-EX: Sector A – In the room with the spinning spike moving horizontally down the center of the arena, stop and look in the upper-right corner. There’s a tiny passage above that leads to a chest with this item.
  • 3-EX2: Sector B – In the third room as the Friend Train, jump and follow the path up and through any rock blocks. Keep jumping and following the stars to run up a wall and smash into a hidden room with a picture piece.
  • 3-EX3: Sector C – Reach the conveyor belt room and ride the platform back to the red bonus room door. Jump up and go through the door, then smash the spinning spikes with any attacks infused with electricity (Zap) power.


World 4: Starlight Heroes

  • 4-1: Planet Earthfall – While climbing the tall room, look for a platform on the left covered with leaves. Use any power combined with Bluster (the broom) to blow the leaves away, revealing a bonus room door. Use wind attacks on all the wheels inside to access the last chest and grab a collectible piece.
    • 4-1B: Falluna Moon – Very simple. Drop down to find the bonus room before the boss and take the key to the end.
  • 4-2: Planet Misteen – After the hammer enemy miniboss, grab the Hammer Copy Ability and combine it with electricity to gain the Zap Hammer. Use it on the big electricity button above the red door, then complete the bonus room.
    • 4-2B: Mareen Moon – Like all the moon boss stages, all you have to do is complete the bonus room. The bonus room for this stage is found above a platform while swimming underwater.
  • 4-3: Planet Caverna – In the lower-right corner, grab a Fighter friend / Copy Ability and use the Friend Throw ability to smash through the stone blocks. At the end, use a Painter Copy Ability to paint the canvas and collect a picture piece.
    • 4-3: Grott Moon – While using the Friend Star, you’ll enter a room filled with giant bombs. Before cutting another large silver chain, look on the right for suspicious blocks. Smash them to find a room filled with gold blocks. Blow up the bomb to discover the piece location.
  • 4-4: Planet Frostak – When you reach an icey passage with burning chains that lead to barrel rooms, you’ll need to fly up and continue right. Stop and go left — cut through the two chains with Ice + Cutter, and cut the last chain to drop a platform with the collectible piece on it. Backtrack down to grab it.
    • 4-4B: Blizzno Moon – On the second elevator, break through the barrels on the right and complete the bonus room. Make sure to hit the switch at the end of the bonus room so you can reach the collectible and a Hammer Copy Ability.
  • 4-5: Planet Towara – After the second challenge where Kirby and pals must avoid the floor / ceiling slamming together, you’ll enter a tall room. Fly up rapidly, and you’ll be able to grab the picture piece on this path before the platforms close together and make it impossible to collect.
    • 4-5B: Gabbel Moon – Part of the way up the stairs that slide around, there’s a hidden path you can drop down into only when the steps are folded into the wall. In the bonus room, rush to the end to catch the enemy carrying a key before he drops down a bottomless pit.
  • 4-6: Star Lavadom – When you reach the room with the sliding hills, forming a giant stack of pyramids Kirby can climb, you’ll be able to spot this picture piece on the right side. You can’t miss it. Grab it before the last platform slides into place under the ladder.
    • 4-6B: Sizzlai Moon – Ride the third ramp down after hitting the switch, then destroy the barrel to find the bonus room.
  • 4-7: Jambandra Base – Reach the end of the Friend Circle section, blasting through the metal blocks, to reach the red bonus room door.
  • 4-8: The Divine Terminus – You can’t miss this one. Enter the red door on the main path through the level and complete the bonus room — grab the key and jump onto the platform with the right timing to get it.
  • 4-EX: Extra Planet A – At the pond, swap seasons until you find when the pond is frozen solid. Melt the ice with fire, then use a Zap Hammer to hit the circuit stump and make the bonus room door appear.
  • 4-EX2: Extra Planet B – You almost can’t miss this bonus room. It’s found in the wind tunnels — grab Stone and use it on the stump to access the red door. In the room ahead, use Cleaning + Stone to hit the stump, then ESP + Stone to unlock the gate to the collectible.
  • 4-EX3: Extra Planet Y – In the lava tunnel, grab the key and sprint for the exit! If you can reach the end before getting crushed, you’ll be able to enter the bonus room. Use Ice + Water to blast and cut through all the chains / burning boxes.
  • 4-EX4: Extra Planet O – While climbing the high ladder between puzzle rooms, you’ll reach an area with a Zap conduit to the right, underneath giant explosive bundles. Grab an electricity enemy as a friend, then combine Fire + Yoyo to hit the fuse through the wire-controlled door. When the TNT goes off, search all the chests to get the final, final picture piece!