Kirby: Star Allies – All Friend Abilities | Complete Combo Guide

Friend Abilities are special combos you can use to add more oomph to Kirby’s many awesome skills in Kirby: Star Allies. Combine Sword + Ice for the Blizzard Sword, or Fire + Hammer for the Sizzle Hammer. Then there are special friend attacks you can unleash — Fighter + Friend gives you the Throw Friend ability. Stone + Ice turns you into a sliding, super-heavy puck that smashes everything. The attacks can more specialized from there, and they’re all worth checking out.

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All Friend Abilities | Complete Combo Guide

To combine powers and use Friend Abilities or Friend Actions, hold [Up] on the D-Pad. If the right friends are in your team, they’ll automatically initiate a Friend Ability or Friend Action. If you have multiple combinations, the team will cycle through multiple abilities. They’ll even combine with each other!

Friend Abilities come in two different forms — unique combos, or elemental combos. Certain Copy Abilities can be imbued with fire, ice, water, or electricity.


Elemental Copy Abilities

The following copy abilities can combine with others to add elemental effects. Certain attacks, like burning punches from the Fighter or the water splash from the Cleaning Copy Ability can also add effects.

  • Blizzard Effect: Ice
  • Bluster Effect: Wing, Cleaning
  • Sizzle Effect: Fire
  • Splash Effect: Water
  • Zap Effect: Plasma, Beam, ESP

Combine elemental copy abilities with these weapon-based copy abilities to gain special elemental effects. Weapons combined with fire can melt ice. Weapons combined with ice or water can put out fires. Weapons combined with electricity can charge wires.

  • Weapon Abilities You Can Combine With Elemental Abilities:
    • Bomb
    • Hammer
    • Ninja
    • Staff
    • Sword
    • Whip
    • Yo-yo

Fire + Yo-yo = Sizzling Yo-Yo. Bomb + Ice = Blizzard Bomb. Etc!

Unique Combo Abilities

You can combine more than just Weapon + Element. Some Copy Abilities have totally unique combos and abilities.

  • Artist + Nothing = Still Life
    • This power can be activated at any time. Use it to summon lots of health items.
  • Artist + Stone = Rock Painter
    • The artist can paint the Stone different colors.
  • Cleaning + Friends = Friend Super-Vac
    • Suck up your friends by holding up, then attacking when they’re all loaded up.
  • Water + Beam / Ice = Zap Splasher / Icicle Lance
    • A powerful combo attack that launches an elemental projectile attack.
  • ESP + Stone = Geokinesis
    • This awesome ability allows an ESP friend to pick-up and manually place a Stone friend, imbuing the rock with electricity.
  • Stone + Ice / Water = Ice Curling / Splash Curling
    • Turn into a rock and attack with ice or water to turn Kirby into a curling stone, sending him flying!
  • Suplex / Fighter / Beetle + Friends = Friend Throw
    • Turn your friends into powerful projectiles with this ability. Just like the Friend Super-Vac.
  • Spider / Parasol + Friends = Friend Bounce / Chumbrella
    • Sends friends bouncing directly up when they jump on your web / umbrella.
  • Cook + Friends = Cook Potluck / Supper Party
    • Add your friends to the cooking party. After sucking up any enemies, the Cook can also add friends, launching them like projectiles after the supper is complete.
  • Crash / Festival / Mike + Friends = Crash Rush / Festival Dance / Fatal Chorus
    • Explode with the Crash, Festival, or Mike ability to add extra damage when you’ve got a full set of friends on your team.