Wolfenstein 2: Silent Death DLC – All Gold Locations | Collectibles Guide

There’s no escape from gold. The standard useless collectible of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is gold — and you can find 12 more gold items in the Agent Silent Death DLC. There are four gold flasks to find in each level, and naturally they’re the toughest collectible to find. Usually they’re pretty well hidden, though a little bit of snooping can go a long way toward getting most of these shiny trinkets.

Gold pick-ups are a hold-over from the original version of Wolfenstein. In the oldest Wolfenstein games, gold added to your total score. Seeing as Wolf 3D was an FPS, most people didn’t really care about score. The tradition continues with completely pointless (except for achievements and trophies, duh!) gold items to find scattered throughout the level. At least you won’t have to hunt down nearly as many. There’s a reasonable amount ahead, with all the locations listed below.

All Gold Locations | Collectibles Guide

Gold flasks are totally optional collectibles. They’re the most hidden, so you’ll have to look carefully to spot them. They’re often found behind geometry, inside open drawers, or hidden in dead-end paths.


Volume 1

  • Gold #1: The first gold collectible is in the large two-story room at the start of the volume. From the maintenance room, crawl through the vent and exit into a large two-story room. In the back-right corner, the gold is on a table near the stairs.
  • Gold #2: It’s in an open drawer, in the corner of the left-hand office next to the projector room.
  • Gold #3: When you encounter the first officer sequence, cross into the storage room across the hall from the planning room. In the back-right corner, on one of the metal shelves, you’ll find a gold flask.
  • Gold #4: The last flask is in a small corner seating area, on the third floor of the last room, just outside your target’s office.

Volume 2

  • Gold #1: Right at the start of the map, before entering Studio 25, go down the alley to the right. The gold is hidden around the corner.
  • Gold #2: The next gold piece is found in the second studio set. Look on the tables in the back of the miniature city set.
  • Gold #3: Once you enter the main studio building, go to the library-like room and look in the back-right corner.
  • Gold #4: The last gold flask is on the desk in your target’s office.

Volume 3

  • Gold #1: Just as you leave the first entrance hallway, you’ll exit into a larger hallway that’s full of guards. Near the door, slightly to the left, there’s a gold flask on the crate with the pipes.
  • Gold #2: Found on the central table of the first control room, in the back-right corner.
  • Gold #3: This one is tough to find. After using the terminals in Control Room #2 and unlocking the south door to a new wing, go into the new hallway and find a crawlspace directly across. Squeeze inside and look right to spot one more gold flask.
  • Gold #4: Just as you enter the cooling fan generator room, look in the left corner. The gold flask is in a concealed bucket.

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