Wolfenstein 2: Gunslinger Joe DLC – All Gold Locations | Collectibles Guide

Earn your “Signing Bonus” in the Gunslinger Joe DLC episode for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Like the vanilla game, the new Nazi-occupied America is littered with secret gold caches just waiting to be collected. Gold is the trickiest of the collectible types to find on your own — sometimes, it’s practically impossible without some guidance. That’s why we’re here to point you in the right direction.

The first add-on for Wolfenstein 2 follows the exploits of Gunslinger Joe, a former Football Player turned resistance hero, fighting back against the KKK and the Nazi war-machine. His adventures take him all the way to Venus as he hunts down the evil Metze, and puts an end to a massive superweapon aimed at the American Midwest.

All Gold Locations | Collectibles Guide

There are six levels and three “volumes” in the Gunslinger Joe DLC. Each volume features 4 gold collectibles for you to find. Get them all to earn the “Signing Bonus” achievement / trophy.


Volume 1

  • Gold #1: Early on, break into the control room. In the back wall, there are shelves. The gold is located inside the cardboard box.
  • Gold #2: In the 3-story room with the medical / surgery equipment on the ground floor, go to the exit. You’ll find the objective grate you’ll need to break through — to the right of the metal grate, there’s a stack of containers. One smaller box has the second gold piece.
  • Gold #3: Fight through the dimly lit halls to reach a wall Joe will need to bust through. After breaking through, you’ll reach stairs — at the top of the steps, there’s another wall Joe can break. Knock it down to find gold and a weapon upgrade kit through the metal boxes.
  • Gold #4: When exploring the resistance headquarters, break through the bathroom wall and look on the nightstand next to the bed in the following room.

Volume 2

  • Gold #1: Right after escaping the shallow grave, go up the stairs and break through the weak wall to your left. On the balcony, climb onto the wooden boards to reach a gold collectible.
  • Gold #2: After climbing out of the sewer, turn right and go around (and behind) the metal gate. There’s some easy to miss gold in the alcove behind the open manhole.
  • Gold #3: In the robot dog arena, climb the stack of crates near the entrance that are setup like steps to go on top of the shipping container, then jump right until you reach a balcony on a white-brick building. Leap onto the balcony to find the gold on a round table.
  • Gold #4: Once you reach the second floor of the Secret Police Headquarters, smash through the metal door to the interrogation room. There’s a gold collectible inside.

Volume 3

  • Gold #1: In the very first control room, go upstairs to the back-right office to follow the main path of progression. Before turning left, look in the dead-end corner to your right.
  • Gold #2: Found in the open container in the back-right corner of Metze’s office.
  • Gold #3: Easy to miss. Right where you spawn on Venus, go to the end of the garage / hall and look behind the container on your right.
  • Gold #4: Returning from your trip to the Venus surface, you’ll return to the base interior. Going down the stairs, you’ll enter a large hall with small hydroponics rooms on the right. Enter the second room and look in the lower cells to find the last gold bricks.

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