Wolfenstein 2: Silent Death DLC – All Maps & Notes | Collectibles Guide

Show business isn’t what it’s cracked up to be in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. In the second DLC chapter, you play as Agent Silent Death, and one of your targets is an American collaborator, busy producing propaganda for the Nazi war machine. Plenty has changed in the alternate reality of Wolfenstein 2, and you can get a glimpse into the background of the various locations (and assassination targets) with notes, e-recordings, and newspapers.

Along with all the readables on each level, you can also collect a map. There’s a map to find in every volume, and they’re usually located near the start. While a map doesn’t do much to help you find collectibles, it is pretty great at showing you where to go if you’re lost. It’s a pretty useful tool for subsequent playthroughs too, making it very easy to picture all three of these varied locations.

All Maps & Notes | Collectibles Guide

Maps and notes / documents appear in every level of the Silent Death DLC. Maps unlock full, viewable routes for your current level, while notes / documents are just for fun, and expand on the in-game lore.  


Volume 1

  • Note #1: The first note is in the maintenance closet at the very start of the Gestapo Office, on a metal shelf.
  • Map: The map is located on the desk in the second room of the DLC. Crawl through the vent from the maintenance office and look on the reception desk near the vent exit.
  • Note #2: There’s a note on the desk, right next to the map.
  • Note #3: Found in the projector room. When you enter, go to the office on the right of the seating area.
  • Note #4: Another note is found on the left office in the projector room. This one is a corner desk facing the seating area.
  • Note #5: On the large military-planning desk in the room where you’ll find a weapon upgrade kit and an officer.
  • Note #6: Still in the area with the first officer, enter the interrogation room. You can break the glass or crawl through the door. The newspaper is on the table.
  • Note #7: In the large three-story room at the end of the level, look on the right-hand desks on the first floor.
  • Note #8: The final note is found on your target’s desk. Grab it before escaping!

Volume 2

  • Map: The map is found on a pallet just as you enter Studio 25, to the right.
  • Note #1: Directly across from the map, there’s a metal table with this note.
  • Note #2: Leaving that studio and entering the next studio for the war movie, look on the metal tray to the left as you enter the area with the crashed plane set.
  • Note #3: Find a recording device right next to where the officer is sitting in the second floor office.
  • Note #4: Crawling through the vent to reach the main studio headquarters, you’ll enter an ornate hall with a globe. Enter the side hallway to the left and look on a wooden table in the back-left corner.
  • Note #5: In the same hall, find another note on the large reception desk past the golden globe.
  • Note #6: Another note is found in the library-like room before you reach the large two-story set.
  • Note #7: In the large two-story filming set location, you’ll have to sneak through two vents to go upstairs. After crawling through the second vent, you’ll reach a small seating room outside the auditorium. There’s a note on the table.
  • Note #8: Right on the desk of your assassination target, near a golden flask collectible.

Volume 3

  • Map: Found on a metal cart slightly to your right after exiting the initial hallway and reaching the larger, guarded passage.
  • Note #1: To the left of the map, there are three crates (one stacked up) near the window in the same hallway. The note is on that trio of crates.
  • Note #2: Found on the floor, in the first control room near the entrance connected to the hallway with the map.
  • Note #3: There’s a newspaper on the terminal just a step forward and to the left of the previous note.
  • Note #4: Another note is found on the crates between Control Room #1 and Control Room #2.
  • Note #5: There’s a newspaper out in the hallway, near the north entrance to Control Room #2.
  • Note #6: Find a recording device on the corner of the center table in Control Room #2.
  • Note #7: Found in the hallway leading to the huge cooling fan. You can’t miss it.
  • Note #8: The last note is on a crate in the actual cooling fan room.

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