Wolfenstein 2: Gunslinger Joe DLC – All Maps & Notes | Collectibles Guide

Documents, notes, letters and notices have always played a big part fleshing out the lore of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, and that’s especially true in the Gunslinger Joe DLC. As you shoot, stomp, and smash your way through three new Nazi-occupied volumes, Gunslinger Joe can stop and read notes from the American resistance, or from his arch-nemesis, the racist, traitorous Metze.

Finding all the notes (8 in each volume) will earn you the “Reading Your Enemy” achievement / trophy. Notes tend to be the easiest of all the collectibles to find, which is probably for the best — unlike gold, there’s a reason to read these things. You’ll learn about an America ruled by the Nazis, where all sports (except European Football) are outlawed, and where KKK thugs can freely walk the streets in full robes. It’s a bad place, but most of the notes are played for dark humor — you can find them all with the gallery / locations listed below.

All Maps & Notes | Collectibles Guide

Maps and notes / documents appear in every level of the Gunslinger Joe DLC. Maps unlock full, viewable routes for your current level, while notes / documents are just for fun, and expand on the in-game lore.  Find all the notes / documents to unlock the “Read the Defense” achievement / trophy.


Volume 1

  • Note #1: After escaping your cell, hop into the laundry room and look on the metal folding table.
  • Note #2: In the same cell block, enter the open cell on the right to find a note near a dead prisoner.
  • Note #3: In the 3-story surgery room, go through the open bunker and to the tall metal grate Joe needs to break through. On the wall-mounted shelf to the left, you can find a note.
  • Note #4: Through the vent, you’ll enter a creepy surgery area. Behind the corpse with the cut-off arm, look in the small red control terminal alcove. There’s a note on the computer terminal.
  • Map #1: On a pair of unfolded chairs, down the hallway with a view of the surgery.
  • Note #5: Found in the yellow office, connected to the locker room in the top floor of the Wolfhund hangar, near the end of the level when Joe rides the robotic dog.
  • Note #6: In the first floor of the apartment building, look on the case to your right, just past the laundry.
  • Note #7: Upstairs, enter the first room of the faraday-cage resistance headquarters. In the first small office, turn left to find the note on the desk.
  • Note #8: The last note is on the dresser to the left of the bed, in the first bedroom of the resistance headquarters.

Volume 2

  • Note #1: In the back of the room with the very first officer of this Volume.
  • Note #2: At the warehouse storage area, stick to the right wall. Before reaching the mounted turret, there’s a note on the shelves.
  • Map #2: In the warehouse, on a desk near a yellow forklift.
  • Note #3: When you reach the garage with the parked truck, look on the desk to the left of the metal shutters.
  • Note #4: On the counter in the music store you encounter right after climbing out of the sewer.
  • Note #5: Behind the cash register in the diner.
  • Note #6: Next to the cash register in the auto mechanic shop.
  • Note #7: On the front desk of the Secret Police Headquarters entrance lobby.
  • Note #8: After unlocking the gate to the prison cells, go downstairs to a small armory. The note is on the desk.

Volume 3

  • Map #3: Down the hallway to the right in the first room of the level.
  • Note #1: In the very first control room, look to the right. There’s a note on the terminal in the front-right corner of the room.
  • Note #2: Leaving the initial control room through the 2nd floor door, you’ll enter an office. Straight ahead from the door (in the room with a gold collectible) you’ll find the note on a desk.
  • Note #3: In the same room, go around the corner. There’s a note visible through the open window into another office, on a green desk.
  • Note #4: On the green table in Metze’s office. Look on the In / Out wooden organizer.
  • Note #5: Progressing through the mechanical works area, find this note on a terminal to the left of the door to the cargo hangar.
  • Note #6: Inside the cargo hangar / level exit area, you’ll find a note inside the officer’s control room.
  • Note #7: On Venus, one note is found in the large officer’s quarters — you should feel some deja vu here, this is the room BJ found an officer playing the theremin.
  • Note #8: Re-entering the base interior from the surface, find the last note on the white cart in the middle of the passage, down the stairs.

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