Wolfenstein 2: Silent Death DLC – All Weapon Upgrades Locations Guide

Arm yourself up with all three weapon upgrade kits in the Agent Silent Death DLC for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. California has changed since the Nazis took over, and you’ll have to sneak through SS Headquarters, traitorous film studios, and the moon before the eponymous heroine, Silent Death, can take her revenge on the men that betrayed her husband for the Third Reich.

There are three weapon upgrade kits, and these are all about enhancing your stealth capabilities. One will provide your submachine gun with a silencer, while the other two kits are for expanding the capacity of your silenced weapons. You’ll need the extra ammo if you’re ever caught — Silent Death isn’t as tough as some of the other heroes, and she can’t carry an overabundance of armor. You’ll have to make up for the difference with a steady stream of hot lead.

All Weapon Upgrades Locations Guide

Instead of unlocking upgrades with points, you’ll have to find individual weapon upgrades in the Silent Death DLC. Weapon upgrades will enhance a particular weapon. 


Volume 1

  • Weapon Upgrade #1: Found near the first officer sequence. Inside the office, there’s a large military strategy table in the center of the office. The weapon upgrade kit is inside. It increases your pistol’s magazine capacity.

Volume 2

  • Weapon Upgrade #2: After reaching the crashed plane set, you’ll have to kill an officer in his second-floor office. Next, you’ll crawl through a vent to reach the main studio headquarters. To the right of the reception desk, there’s a library-like room. Find the upgrade kit on the desk with the small Hitler bust. This adds a silencer to your submachine guns.

Volume 3

  • Weapon Upgrade #3: The last upgrade kit is in the first control room on the moon base. It’s on the back-left terminal, and adds extended magazines to your submachine guns. Very helpful for dealing with the super soldiers at the end of the level.

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