Wolfenstein 2: Gunslinger Joe DLC – All Weapon Upgrades Locations Guide

The guns of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus return in the Gunslinger Joe DLC, but you’ll have to track down each individual weapon upgrade case to unlock all the fun functionality for your fave weapons.

With an appropriate name like Gunslinger Joe, you’d expect an overabundance of firepower — but it’s Joe’s lethal tackle and one-two punch that are truly impressive. Sadly, you’ll need more than melee attacks to win the war against the Nazi occupation, and these weapon upgrades will absolutely make life easier.

In the Gunslinger Joe add-on episode, you’ll rise up against the Nazis — starting in the creepy Station Omega, Joe fights through the sleepy streets of an Illinois suburb before taking the fight to Venus. There’s a massive Sun Gun aimed at the US, and only Gunslinger Joe can stop the evil Metze and save the Chicago resistance.

All Weapon Upgrades Locations Guide

Instead of unlocking upgrades with points, you’ll have to find individual weapon upgrades in the Gunslinger Joe DLC. Weapon upgrades will enhance a particular weapon — usually the same weapon you’ll find sitting next to the weapon case. 


Volume 1

  • Weapon Upgrade #1: Hand Grenade Damage Upgrade – On the second floor of the 3-story surgery chamber where you’ll encounter two officers. One of the officers is upstairs, in the room to the right. The weapon upgrade is on the terminals in the center of the room.
  • Weapon Upgrade #2: Machine Pistol Magazine Upgrade – Going through the dimly-lit corridor, Joe will need to break through the cracked wall and go up some stairs. Smash through another cracked wall in the stairwell to find a Machine Pistol magazine size upgrade and a gold collectible.
  • Weapon Upgrade #3: Pistol Damage Upgrade – In the room with the Wolfhund container Joe will need to blast open, go to the small yellow office in the top floor. The room is connected to a locker room in the corner.

Volume 2

  • Weapon Upgrade #1: Machine Pistol Secondary Upgrade – In the warehouse garage, your objective will point to a switch room on your right. Enter the small doorway opposite, on your left, to find the alt-fire Machine Pistol upgrade.
  • Weapon Upgrade #2: Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade – Located inside the Diner kitchen. You can’t miss it.

Volume 3

  • Weapon Upgrade #1: Kampfpistole Upgrade – Look on the small table, found at the bottom of the stairs through the secret door exit from Metze’s office.
  • Weapon Upgrade #2: Shockhammer Secondary Upgrade – Early in the Venus level, you’ll reach a hallway with windows on the right. Run all the way to the back (with the black, tarp-covered luggage) to find an alt-fire upgrade for your shotgun.

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