RUINER: All 9 iChing Fortune Coin Locations | Fortune Seeker Guide

Collect a bunch of oracle coins and complete an extra side-objective in RUINER with these locations. There are only 9 coins total, but if you’re ever lost and confused, and need a few pointers to push your hyper-violent hero in the right direction, check out the text locations for all the levels below. It’s really pretty easy!

RUINER is a cyber-punk hack-and-slasher with fast combat and even faster death. You’ll do battle with freaks, mercs, and psychos as you lash out against an evil system — all to save your kidnapped brother. You’ll get help from an extremely private hacker, who drops off helpful items and grinders to destroy all the useless leftover weapons you’ll leave behind as you slaughter through the gang-infested underground.

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All 9 Coin Locations | Fortune Seeker Guide

iChing Fortune oracle coins are a rare collectible. To find them, you’ll need to explore every nook of each lengthy level.


Normally, they’re not too tricky to find — but if you’re lost and need extra help locating one or two you missed along the way, check out the quick guide below.

  • Coin #1: Creep’s Nest – From the start, you’ll take a left then a right onto a long hallway catwalk with small ledges to the left. At the fourth ledge before the barrier, you’ll find your first coin.
  • Coin #2: Creep’s Nest – After clearing the ambush in the car park, you’ll find a CAT Weapon Locker and lots of other good stuff. To the left of the locker, there’s an easy oracle coin.
  • Coin #3: Creep’s Firehole – After crushing the boss of the level (Donvius), go south to the room before the exit. There’s a CAT Weapon Locker right next to a coin.
  • Coin #4: Hanza Assembly – Before meeting Mother, continue right at the first barrier leading north to a corner filled with chests. Go through the burners to reach this treasure-filled corner.
  • Coin #5: Hanza Assembly – After meeting Mother in the center of the map, go to the right of Mother and dodge through the burner hallway to find another alcove with treasure and a coin.
  • Coin #6: Hanza Cargo – Defeat the boss Hongshi and take the lift up past his arena. At the top of the lift, go left to a dead end corner with the last coin in this section of the game.
  • Coin #7: Furnace – Follow the path at the start of the level. It leads to a lift and a CAT Weapon Locker. The oracle coin is by the locker, you can’t miss it.
  • Coin #8: Walkways of Terror – After disabling the shield barrier, you’ll have to clear two waves of Angels. The first group is north, and the second group is east. Go to the right in the second area after dealing with the Angels.
  • Coin #9: Mother’s Womb – Once you defeat the boss TrafficKing, go right from his arena into an area littered with dead host bodies. The last coin is there.

After collecting all 9 coins, you’ll complete the bonus quest. That’s all it takes.