RUINER: How To Get Infinite Upgrade Points | Dupe Glitch Guide

Upgrade Points are the lifeflood of RUINER — the stuff you’ll get to enhance your meager powers and become a true killing machine. Getting too many Upgrade Points essentially breaks the game, making this super-fast, super-cool top-down action game a cinch. It’s a hard game, so I can almost understand why you’d want to cheat. If anything, this is an interesting little dupe. Get all the details below — like why it might not work for you.

Hilariously, the good folks that created RUINER responded to the original dupe thread on Steam, with a promise to fix the glitch so future players can enjoy an un-spoiled version of the game. I’m kind of on the developer’s side here, but I also love weird glitches in games. It’s a tough call. Let’s just say that playing through RUINER is a win for everyone, glitches or not.

RUINER is a hyper-violent action-shooter, dropping your mind-controlled “puppy” in the paws of a nefarious hacker that’s bent on revenge. Working together, you’ll blast, chop, and splatter armies of faceless henchmen and criminals in the underbelly of the city. It’s gruesome, sometimes grotesque, and completely awesome.

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How To Get Infinite Upgrade Points | Dupe Glitch Guide

[NOTE: The developer is aware of this little glitch, so if you’re really desperate to use it, you’ll probably have to act fast. Or restart from a clean, un-patched install.]


To use this glitch-y, dupe-y trick, you’ll need to play pretty far into the game.

  1. Get to the level “NERVE”.
  2. Before splattering your first enemy, a robot will deliver an Upgrade Canister. Collect it.
  3. Restart the level. You’ll keep your upgrade point, and the robot will deliver another canister.
  4. Rinse and repeat for endless upgrade points.

See how easy that is? It basically makes completing God Mode much, much easier. If you’re not into unlocking that particular achievement, you can always kill yourself faster with the Supply Drop (+Upgrade) — it makes the process just a little bit faster.