WATCH: RUINER’s Advanced Loadouts Trailer Shows How It’s Done

Futuristic sci-fi blast-em-up RUINER is finally out, and you know what that means—players have been picking away to find the most lethally efficient ways to annihilate bosses and enemy hordes.

RUINER is a gory, cyberpunk styled indie shooter with a top-down perspective and fresh, story-driven approach. It’s drawn comparisons to Hotline Miami, but makes an obvious visual departure with splashes of neon, short, fast-paced rounds of melee action and the fact you’ve literally got an AI hacker stuck in your head.

Developer Reikon Games has gone ahead and compiled footage of some ingenious ability combinations devised by the RUINER community. They include the union of Energy Shield and Dash, Kinetic Barrier and Focused Slash, and paring up Grenades with Overload. If you’re playing RUINER, we’re interested in hearing about the loadouts you’ve found so far, what works best, and which playstyles you’re going for.

We plunged right into RUINER and thought it was stylish, highly replayable, and a joyous cyberpunk achievement. For more information, make sure to get the lowdown in our Before You Buy video.

RUINER is out now. Pick up your copy for $19.99 USD on PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4.