Danganronpa V3: How To Get All 143 Presents | Present Protectors Guide

Presents are the lifeblood of your relationships in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. With proper presents, you’ll be able to enhance your bond with the other characters and unlock special perks. It’s all detailed in the additional guides in the link bank below, but it isn’t entirely obvious HOW you’ll go about grabbing every single available in-game gift.

That’s where this quick guide comes in. Keep scrolling for details on every single gift — where you can get them, and how to unlock the few you can’t get anywhere else. It’s extremely easy to miss a present or two, and we’re going to keep things SPOILER-FREE, so you won’t see item names or story reveals here.

This is just a no-frills, simple list designed to let you know how to grab the handful of missing items you need to complete your collection and unlock the “We’re More Like Present Protectors” trophy. It’s a tough one.

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How To Get All 143 Presents | Present Protectors Guide

There are 143 presents available to collect in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Not all of them are available through normal gameplay — some, you’ll have to earn by completing tasks or reaching milestones.

After finishing the story, a bunch of new modes will unlock; one of the modes focuses on relationships. Seeing as gifts (and earning gifts) is so dependent on relationships, that’s probably your best route to collect all 143, but it isn’t really required. Check out the Gift Giving Guide to see which gifts are perfect for every character — more than anything, that’ll help you get all the Hang-Out Time exclusive gifts.

Most presents can be acquired from the Casino. There are three types of presents; peach-colored, non-peach-colored, and unique.

  • Presents #001-113 / #129-132:
    • Peach-Colored Presents can be purchased from the Casino.
    • All other standard non-peach-colored presents are acquired from the MonoMono Machine.

All other presents are “unique” — you’ll have to complete special tasks to earn the rest.

  • Presents #114-128: Each present is earned by completing a specific character’s Free Time Events.
  • Presents #133-140: Earned through standard story progression. You can’t miss these.
  • Present #141: Earned for completing all the characters’ Free Time Events.
  • Presents #142+#143: Available for purchase at the Casino after completing the story.

And that’s it! That’s how you can get every single item. Completing all the Free Time events is up to you. Get all 143 presents, and you’ll earn the “We’re More Like Present Protectors” trophy. Not a bad haul.