For Honor Players Discover Emotes Can Dodge Attacks

Check out this emote dodge in action!

Ubisoft’s latest big release into the market, For Honor, has been a hit for gamers to enjoy online. The game focuses on medieval style combat with classes catered to Vikings, Knights, and Samurai. Recently, gamers have started to discover a new means to dodge attacks from the opposing enemy. As it turns out, using emotes can be relatively effective in avoiding a devastating blow.

Alerting fans on Reddit, TheRealCrayfish has demonstrated how emotes can be used to avoid a blow or two and it’s quite thrilling to see demonstrated. The gamer decided to use a Berserker character in which using an emote, the player managed to completely hop over the enemy attack.

For some gamers, there is a growing concern as to how often we will see this emote being used on the battlefields. Seeing how For Honor is a video game that focuses on strategic movements and attacks, it may be difficult to time certain emotes out to begin with.

It’s unknown if this is something Ubisoft may fix in the future or not. Instead, the company received some backlash online after alerting fans they have begun to ban accounts who were caught in AFK XP farming, a term in which players will leave the game playing while avoid participating simply to earn the extra XP gained at the end of rounds.