Nintendo Releases New Arms Character and Weapons Trailer

Nintendo has released two new trailers for their upcoming exclusive Arms. The two trailers showcase two different things — one is focused on the characters of the game and the other is about the weapons.

Arms is a motioned controller based game where players must punch, dodge, and fight their way to victory. The game will feature 5 characters all with signature fighting styles, moves, and quirks. Watch the new character trailer down below:

Five fighters are ready to punch their way to the top in Arms! Witness their signature fighting styles, moves, and quirks. This is your chance to study the ins and outs of the game’s sweet science! Coming to Nintendo Switch this Spring!

The weapon trailer shows players the wide variety of ways to take down their enemies. Like the characters, weapons have their own attributes, and could be paired with different combinations to create a deadly force.

Watch the weapons trailer down below:

In Arms, each weapon has a distinct set of attributes. Just imagine the possible arm combinations you could use with your new favorite fighter! Your opponents won’t know what hit ‘em! Coming to Nintendo Switch this Spring!

Arms is set to release this Spring exclusively for the Nintendo Switch