Red Dead Redemption Mod Coming To Grand Theft Auto V

Fans of the Red Dead Redemption video game have been eagerly waiting for the release of its sequel. However, there are still plenty of gamers who have yet to experience the title which released back in 2010. It’s unfortunate that Rockstar Games never got around to releasing a port of this critically acclaimed masterpiece for the PC platform.

However, since its release, there have been groups who attempted to bring the game on the PC platform themselves. The latest are already making claims that we’ll see a beta version of this game during this summer.

The group calls themselves .White Team and it’s their goal to mod Grand Theft Auto V in order to bring out Red Dead Redemption on the PC platform. This project, in general, is known as Red Dead Redemption V and we should have a beta for the mod at some point this summer, though a specific date has yet to be released.

Already, the group has been working on this mod for nearly two years and is still seeking developers who wish in helping to craft it for release. While it seems that the team of developers is actively working on this project, the post made on GTA Forums admits that Read Dead Redemption is the toughest one to crack when compared to all other video games by Rockstar released before Grand Theft Auto V.

Though we may be waiting on a trailer and the beta to finally launch online, we can expect to see some graphical improvements along with large portions of the normal maps being remade. This will hopefully tie fans over until the release of Red Dead Redemption 2.