WWE 2K18 Features Retro Filters

8-bit wrestling?

seth rollins, announced, 2k18

The upcoming WWE 2K18 has some interesting new additions to this year’s iteration of the wrestling title – one of the more interesting being retro filters significantly alter how the game looks.

What we know right now is that there will be 8 different filters, of which are listed below:

– Late 90’s Filter
– 1990’s Filter
– 1980’s Filter
– Black & White
– Sepia
– Bad VHS
– Vignette
– 8-Bit

ThisYouTuber has already shared the first fight in the 8-bit filter – don’t reach for your quality settings on YouTube, that’s how it really looks.

In other WWE 2K18 news, 2K has detailed the changes coming to this year’s title.

‘During the recent Monday Night RAW episode, the studio decided to showcase the most interesting changes made to the wrestling game’s Universe mode. The most noticeable changes made to WWE 2K18’s Universe mode are splitting rivalries between wrestlers into two categories; potential and active rivalries, a revamp of the ranking system featured in the mode and the addition of the recent WWE brand split. Here is a brief description of what has changed:’

WWE 2K18 will be coming out on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 17. Which filter are you the most excited to see? Let us know in the comments below.