Final Fantasy 15: How to Get the Regalia Type-F | Airship Guide

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Here’s how to unlock the Regalia Type-F upgrade, a post-game reward that turns your vehicle into a transforming jet-car.


The traditional flying machine gets an upgrade in Final Fantasy 15, transforming your fancy car into an airship that makes travelling across the overworld even faster than before. At the start of your adventure, you gain the Regalia, a speedy open-top car that fits a party of four, but you won’t be able to upgrade until after the main story is complete. That’s right, the airship in Final Fantasy 15 is a post-game reward.

Still, there’s plenty to do in the post-game — including unlocking an awesome airship. Follow the guide below for all the steps required to get your hands on this crazy modification and start flying. Airships (and Cid, the helpful mechanic) have stuck with the Final Fantasy series since their introduction in the original Final Fantasy 1.

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How to Get the Regalia Type-F | Airship Guide

The Regalia Type-F is a flying upgrade to the Regalia, your car and main form of transportation in Final Fantasy 15. Instead of switching to an airship the Regalia Type-F transforms into a flying car while driving on a road at speed. Once it takes off, you can fly freely throughout the environment — but it only lands on solid roads.

To unlock the Regalia Type-F upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the main story.
    • Certain side quest required for unlocking the Type-F upgrade can be completed earlier in the campaign, but the Type-F can’t be earned until all 14 chapters are complete.
  2. Go to Formouth Garrison (Large base in Leide) and approach to unlock the side quest.
    • “Formouth Garrison: Find a vantage point to scout out the base.” — will appear when you get near.
  3. Complete the side quest to earn the “Strange Engine” item.
    • Gaining this item will start the “Into Unknown Frontiers” side quest.
  4. To complete “Into Unknown Frontiers” you’ll need to collect 3 parts; the Strange Engine, Warped Wings, and Unstable Stabilizer.
    • Strange Engine: Earned for completing “Formouth Garrison” side-quest.
    • Warped Wings: Earning while completing Chapter 5. Can’t be missed.
    • Unstable Stabilizer: Earning while completing Chapter 6. Can’t be missed.
  5. Return to Cindy at Hammerhead Outpost and deliver all three parts.
    • That completes the “Into Unknown Frontiers” side quest, and Cindy (Cid!) will upgrade your vehicle.

Now you can take to the skies! You can’t land just anywhere though — only roads, but this optional upgrade still makes travel a breeze.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked:

  • Regalia Pilot:
    • Flew the Regalia Type-F

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