Interview: Kari Wahlgren on Final Fantasy XV, Anime, and Localization

I had the opportunity to speak with Kari Wahlgren, the actress behind the voice of Aranea in Square Enix’s upcoming epic role-playing game, Final Fantasy XV.

We covered a variety of topics, including her work in previous Final Fantasy games and a lot of anime that you’ve undoubtedly heard her voice in, such as Samurai Champloo, FLCL and Eureka 7. She’s also the voice of Jessica in Rick and Morty. Kari Wahlgren is no stranger to video games, having played the roles of Princess Ashe in Final Fantasy XII, the female Jedi Knight in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Proctor Ingram in Fallout 4, and numerous other games.

We discussed issues of localization and what it means to bring an English voice to Japanese anime, getting into the voice acting business and all it involves.

Check out my interview below.