Gears of War 4 Has Unique Easter Egg Guns, Here’s How to Find Them

On PC & Xbox One: GoW4 features a handful of secret, unique weapons you’ll only find by completing weird challenges. Follow us as we hunt them all down.


There’s more than just the vanilla arsenal of chainsaw-sporting weaponry in Gears of War 4. The new developers at The Coalition had some big shoes to fill, and they’ve given it their all with a selection of super-hidden, weirdo weapons you can only find by completing weird challenges, under special difficulty settings, or that are just plain hidden.

To make things clear — we’re talking about totally unique guns, with special 3D models and effects. You won’t get to use these weapons for long; they have a small ammo count and there’s no way to replenish, but they’re an oddity that’s absolutely worth checking out. You can tell The Coalition put a lot of effort into these cool little additions, so if you’re interested, or want to blow your friends’ minds on your next coop session, check out the ever-growing list below.

Unique Easter Egg Guns | Locations List

[Gears of War 4 Standard Edition still hasn’t dropped, so we’re expecting that the community will uncover even more unique guns. Check back soon for new updates to the list.]

What makes a gun an ‘Easter egg’ gun? Simple! Here’s our criteria:

  • There’s only 1 of the gun type available in the campaign.
  • Special model / bullet effects not seen by any other weapon.
  • A unique title that sets it apart from other basic, generic guns.

These weapons can only be found by completing a very specific set of requirements. Enough with the introductions, here’s the full list of secret tools of destruction.

The ‘Despicable You’ — Freeze Gun

  • Special Effect: Shoots a ball of ice in an arc that explodes into a cloud. Freezes enemies on contact. Frozen enemies can be shattered with follow-up attacks.
  • Ammo Count: 12
  • Location: Act 1 – Chapter 0: Prologue


How to Get It: Play 1-0 on Insane Difficulty and enter the garage on the right (before going up the stairs) in the outdoor corridor past the bunkers and the tunnel. This garage area will only open if you play on Insane.

The ‘Dom’s Toms’ — Tomato Grenade

  • Special Effect: Throws a literal tomato that pops with a “splat” sound effect and a cloud of red pulp. Very similar to the standard grenade.
  • Ammo Count: 6
  • Location: Act 2 – Chapter 2: Geared Up


Image Source: [1]

How to Get It: Get to the Greenhouse in 2-2 and destroy all the tomato planters inside. Once all the tomato plants are destroyed, Marcus Fenix will enter a lengthy audio rant. When he’s finished, you’ll find a tomato plant spawn to the right of the exit door. Collect the special grenade from there.

More to come…

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