The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Season Impressions: A Story Worth Experiencing

A recommended title for all gamers!

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is a true testament of what developers, storytellers, and creative minds could do with a great universe like The Walking Dead. A New Frontier has everything you love from The Walking Dead – Zombies, tense moments, and a diverse cast of love-hate characters.

When A New Frontier debuted last year, I was absolutely floored by it. The beginning two episodes can hook both players familiar with the series as well as newcomers. This season for The Walking Dead might be the biggest change we have yet to see as we play an entirely new character. Telltale manages to integrate a new character, new story, and new groups with such grace, that they make it look too easy.

Players will play as Javi, a Hispanic guy taking care of his family. Of course, in The Walking Dead universe, nothing goes as smooth as planned and you get wrapped into one thing that leads to another, which then leads to another. The overall story for the season pretty much never stops the action. There are some familiar tropes Telltale uses, but each story plot, encounter, and tense moment feel fresh.

Familiar characters from previous seasons like Clementine will also be present. This is a whole new element Telltale managed to handle well as season two kind of left off with a big cliffhanger. With some closure, players will now once again come across the character, but if you are new to the series altogether don’t worry as Telltale handled how the player and Clementine interact really good.

The main theme for A New Frontier is family. Javi and the player will have some tough calls to make if they want their family to survive the zombie apocalypse. Nothing is easy, certain calls will lead to some people’s death and choosing the correct solution is not always obvious. And that is what I love about A New Frontier and Telltale Games.

They put players in crazy situations and they let them try to solve it. Obviously, you are playing within their boundaries, but a situation can go smoothly or pretty hectic with one wrong move. Trusting people is never an easy thing, characters have their own agenda’s and everything is not always clear cut. Telltale forces the player to make decisions that will question your own moral. Did you screw someone over just for your own benefit? Or did you cover and now getting heat for it? These situations are extremely present throughout the entire season, forcing players to be on their toes at all times.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is simply a story for everyone to experience. It has enough action, heartbreaks, and zombies to fill everyone’s needs. Without going into detail, Telltale ended the season with hints of what’s to come. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long, as they have sunken their hooks pretty deep within me and I will need more Walking Dead soon!

I simply can’t recommend The Walking Dead: A New Frontier enough. The game is filled with choices that matter, family values, and one of the most immersive stories ever told in The Walking Dead universe. With the entire season now available to purchase, you should definitely add this to your gaming log as it deserves your full undivided attention.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is now available on all platforms.