Play as The Green Goblin in This New GTAV Mod

One of the finest superhero modders around JulioNIB has added Green Goblin to his regular creation of superhero mods in GTA 5. From Iron Man to Superman to Ghost Rider (and he’s brought in other mods inspired from other games like Watch Dogs’ hacking kit and Just Cause’s grappling hook, to GTA 5 as well) and now The Green Goblin.

As shown in the video, you can see how the mod will work. Players will have access to the Green goblins glider which has rockets, machine guns and spikes which players can use to impale hapless citizens or annoying thugs, bringing a long-awaited super-villain (more like super-dick) to Los Santos.

The Glider also has an AI mode where you can walk around with the glider keeping you safe from anyone you tries to attack you (and even helicopters). Naturally, the Goblin has his own attacks in the form of pumpkin-related bombs: slicer bombs, carpet bombs, and burst bombs.

If you subscribe to JulioNIB’s Patreon you can gain access to his in-progress mods such as the Green Goblin. Otherwise, you can check his site to see when it’s been fully released. The Goblin Armor in the video can be found here,