Sci-Fi Adventure ‘Alone With You’ is a Different Kind of Love Story

Narrative-driven adventure game Alone With You is a subtle, sensitive exploration of emotion through an existential lens. Players are thrown into the desolation of a doomed space colony, where they must control the last remaining survivor and help them discover the fate of deceased colonists who have been immortalised as holograms.

To escape the planet before it implodes, players must complete puzzles, uncover clues, form close bonds between self-aware AI and explore the surrounding environments to move the story forward. Developer Benjamin Rivers is keen on sharing the game with players on PC for the first time:

“We can’t wait to bring this experience to a wider audience with the PC launch and see how players contemplate the difficult decisions they face within the game. Will they feel affection, admiration or even guilt for someone who is just data?”

Alone With You will release this February 8 for PC, accessible through Steam for $9.99 USD. During the game’s launch week, players will be able to purchase Alone With You for 10% off.

Source: Alone With You