Super Mario Run Has Already Made $14 Million; Breaking App Store Records

Fans were very excited about the release of Nintendo’s first mobile game; the marketing, Nintendo’s name, and the fact that it was a mobile title was a clear indicator that the game would do well, but no one knew it would do this well.

In the first three days of Super Mario Run release, Nintendo has accumulated about $14 million dollars, according to App Annie. The analytics firm App Annie break down the number of players who downloaded the title, bought the full version, and the respected total of each country.

As you can see from the chart below, Super Mario Run has been downloaded a whopping 37 million times. Super Mario Run is a free-to-start game, but after a short demo of the first couple of stages, the game is hidden behind a $10 fee. Many players decided to opt out of the full purchase, but it seems like Nintendo still did pretty well.


The United States raked in the most paid users at 8 million, bringing in over 50% the total revenue. Japan follows with about 3 million dollars which were “as expected”. The endless runner has a consistent player base of three million players. The goal for Super Mario Run is to hit $70 million dollars within its first month; and with three days in and already $14 million, it seems to likely to happen.

Also, note that this game is only on iOS devices at the moment. Android users will have to wait until 2017. But once the game comes to Android a whole new market of users opens up for Nintendo, the amount of revenue is virtually endless.

If you’re on Android and want to get in the Mario Run action, consider downloading the clone copy of the game — Super Plumber Run. The game is available for free on the Google Play Store and it plays very similar to Super Mario Run. Try it quickly before Nintendo takes it down.