Microid’s Adventure Puzzle Style Subject 13 Is Available Now For PS4

Microids announced today that Paul Cuisset’s Kickstarter funded sci-fi adventure game Subject 13 is available on the PlayStation Store. Paul Cuisset is a French video game creator who has made games such as Flashback and Future Wars. The game is available for $6.99.

Subject 13’s aim is to bring back the glory days of point and click adventures. Lead Game Developer Paul Cuissant has remarked on the subject, “I love the old days of point and click adventure games and wanted to recapture that essence with the creation of Subject 13. I made sure to establish a world full of unique and challenging puzzles that I would enjoy as a fan of a genre, and I hope fans of point and click adventure games can also appreciate what I’ve created and have fun within the complex world of Subject 13.”

Subject 13 puts players in the role of Franklin Fargo, a secluded and lonely Physics professor. His life has been bitter ever since his fiancee, Sofie, was violently killed. Fargo falls into a lake while driving his car and wakes up in an abandoned underground scientific plant. His only link to the outside world is a voice that address him simply as “Subject 13.” His goal is to escape captivity and find out the reason behind his imprisonment.

Subject 13 is an adventure game that depicts a universe full of secrets, enigmas, and mechanisms that the player will uncover. For more information, you can visit the official website or join Subject 13 on  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.