There is Treasure to be Found in Sea of Thieves

If you want to be decent pirate, then you have to accept that treasure hunting is part of the job. Thus it makes sense that Sea of Thieves includes treasure hunting within the game. A new, recently released video shows players a sneak peak into what treasure hunting will entail within the game.


One question you may need to ask is- how are your directional skills? A key aspect of this game is navigation. If players are unable to navigate the treacherous waters, and dangerous islands using the map table on their ship, then it unlikely they will even find a coconut.

Players must remember that they aren’t the only ones looking for treasure. Other players can steal your loot after you have found it. Players must sell the treasure before others get their hands on it.

The new video goes before Rare’s technical alpha testing for the game. The alpha test launches on December 16th, and Rare is inviting players to come and take part in the test and give feedback about the game. Players can still sign up for the insider programme, although they have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (so that they don’t spill the beans).