Don’t Fear the Reaper: Overwatch Hero Statue Looks Pretty Dead-on

Blizzard Entertainment’s latest offering in the Overwatch collectibles series is a 12 inch statue of the Reaper. Priced at $150USD, the polystone statue is the creative culminative effort of Blizzard senior sculptor Brian Fay, who has in the past teamed up with senior illustrator Laurel Austin for a premium Tracer statue.


The statue captures the Reaper in the middle of Death Blossom, his ultimate ability or ‘ult’. Each arm is extended outwards as he takes a step forward, his head tilted slightly to the right, and his cape behind him, windswept above the ground. The product description is as follows: “Death walks among you.” This ruthless mercenary cannot be reasoned with or even bound to the grave. Gaze upon the herald of the end. Behold the Reaper.

Because each statue is hand-painted, Blizzard note that there may be individual variation between orders. There is currrently a limit of 2 statues per customer. The first wave of orders will ship before the end of March 2017, and the second wave before October.

Although orders won’t ship in time for Christmas, we do have a 45 second Christmas themed tune from Overwatch to enjoy.