A very Merry Christmas from Overwatch

With Christmas just around the corner, it comes as no surprise that some games seem to be getting into the holiday spirits. Santa seems to have connections, and has squeezed his way into Overwatch. There has been a Christmas theme tune discovered in the game files in Overwatch and seems to be encouraging fans to get into the end-of-year swing of things.


Naturally players can assume that there will be some form of Christmas Overwatch event (much like the Halloween Overwatch event). Is it possible that loot boxes will turn into wrapped christmas presents? And will we see someone become Santa Claus? Will there be a new christmas themed Arcade/Brawl mode? Is there a possibility of maps being turned into wintery wonderlands?

Nobody knows for sure, but with the advent of Christmas, players are certain to receive more than just a lump of coal this year from Overwatch