Sunless Skies is the Blistering, Cosmic-Driven Sequel to Sunless Sea

Failbetter Games, the makers of Sunless Sea, have quietly announced 7 new facts about their upcoming Victorian space travel game Sunless Skies on a recent blog post.


Unlike its grim, Lovecraftian survival prequelSunless Skies will be set in space. The focus on rich narrative will continue, but according to a recent Gamasutra post, lead developer Liam Welton has outlined some major differences that will be evident in Sunless Skies, particularly its ‘ports’. To reduce the amount of travel time dedicated to traversing already explored territories, the game will come with multiple ports at which players can upgrade weapons and ships, pick up crew, and trade valuable goods. The central ports will stay in a fixed location, but Welton explains the surrounding areas will be randomised, and journeys will be shorter and more varied.

Failbetter Games are planning a kickstarter for Sunless Skies in February 2017. It is expected for release on PC, Mac and Linux. In the mean time, keep an eye on Failbetter Games’ Twitter for the latest game updates.

On a side note, Sunless Sea is currently 66% off for Steam’s Autumn Sale. Those who haven’t experienced the Victorian gothic universe of Fallen London can try it today for $6.45 USD.