Zubmariner Expansion to Sunless Sea Comes in October


In a rather short and to the point video, Failbetter Games unveiled the October release for their Sunless Sea expansion Zubmariner. But back when the add-on was first being revealed, the developers gave a more extended look at what to expect.

In Zubmariner, your expedition for treasure takes you beneath the depths of the surface of the twisted Fallen London waters. The Unterzee is a reality of it’s own, and the game as you know it has some changes. To accommodate your new findings, there’s new ports and cities for you to travel to, in addition to more hard choices to make on your quest. Zee-beasts, flora, and shipwrecks await you.


Failbetter CEO Paul Arendt says, “Below the water, you’re limited by oxygen and the reach of your sonar. You can use sonar to highlight items of interest around you, but they may not be friendly. The zee-beasts you’re used to on the surface have little on the horrors of their underwater friends, including at least one new enemy who is as powerful as Mt Nomad.”

But to understand what the expansion offers, it helps to understand the base game that Sunless Sea is. You’re the captain of a steamboat on the dark waters of the Fallen London universe. The seas are a nasty place, and you’re the only thing standing between your crew’s insanity and demise, or coming back home again with a prize worthy of the dangers and risks you take. The procedurally generated waters are filled with more chance than you realize – the same choice made during the same event might not yield the same outcomes. Be wary. To surmount the odds, deck out your ship with upgrades and talented crew.


“This is an expansion in the truest sense: we’ve created the entire zee-floor, using a combination of procedural generation and hand drawn art. The ability to dive changes the whole flow of the game, bringing more flavour to long zee-journeys without compromising the loneliness and nail-biting close escapes which people enjoyed so much in Sunless Sea.” Director of Development Liam Welton added.

Zubmariner comes out on October 11th for PC (Mac/Linux), and you’ll be able to pick it up on Steam, GOG, or The Humble Store. Check out the developer’s website, Twitter, and Facebook for updates and news in the meantime.