Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update Weed Wacks Your Town


Travel back in time to June 2013, and many of you will have had fond memories of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This game on the Nintendo 3DS had everything you could want out of an Animal Crossing title, but with the added bonus of social interaction and seeing what your friends online were up to. Back in the day, many friend codes were traded, and hours upon hours were dumped into a game where you’re the Mayor of a town full of cute little forest animals.

Eventually, you probably moved on to another game. Which is common, and Nintendo is aware of that. To help ease you back into Animal Crossing: New Leaf, a new buddy will help take care of your weeds!

Basically what will happen in-game is that Leif the Sloth will have taken care of all your weeds for you. This was the character’s purpose in New Leaf anyway (but he’s normally sluggish with the task), but in this case he’ll do a great job get your town spiffy in a jiffy. This November, amiibo functionality is headed to the game. A series of 50 new villager cards, and Animal Crossing amiibo figures are in-bound. Although you might not be limited to simply the Animal Crossing brand of characters, as other amiibos are rumored to potentially have an upcoming place in this Fall update themselves.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is available for your Nintendo 3DS.