Titanfall Meets Hearthstone in New Mobile Card Game


The first Titanfall mobile game has been announced. Titanfall: Frontline is a free strategy card game with real-time multiplayer that is set for release on iOS and Android devices this fall.

Publisher Nexon revealed in a recent press release that Titanfall: Frontline will feature deck-building with “hundreds of Pilots, Titans, and special ability Burn cards.”

Players can customize and upgrade their decks to suit their play style. Play quick, damage-dealing hands with fast Pilots and Titans, or a strong, defensive technique with units, installations, and support personnel.

Developer Particle City says it, “worked hand-in-hand with [Titanfall 2 developer] Respawn to weave in card battle strategy and collectibility with the iconic gameplay elements that make Titanfall so unique and that will help evolve the genre.”

“From dropping a Titan onto the field of play to turn the tide of battle to using a combination of Parkour and Rodeo Burn Cards to take a Titan down, Titanfall: Frontline is unapologetically intense and utterly Titanfall,” added co-founder Larry Pacey.

Titanfall: Frontline is “just the beginning” of the series of mobile games Nexon plans to publish, general manager Lawrence Koh stated.