Europa Universalis IV: Rights of Man Coming in October


One of the games recently announced in the past few weeks was the Europa Universalis IV expansion, titled Rights of Man. But Paradox Interactive held back on a release date for the game at the time. Until now. Today in a new trailer they’ve revealed the October launch for this new game DLC.

The grand strategy game kicks the diplomacy up a notch by giving the Great Powers new political abilities. Monarchs and Military leaders have more traits and personality, adding bonuses to your cause. You’ll be able to flex your power over subject nations by telling them how to react the threat of war. You’ll also be able to build in subject states if you so desire. Other features give more options to Fetishist nations, and Coptic nations will have to keep the faith by controlling holy sites in the east.

Europa Universalis IV: Rights of Man comes out on October 11th for PC. To learn more about what’s in store for this game, head on over to their website, Twitter, and Facebook.