The Rights of Man Expansion is Coming to Europa Universalis IV


Over at Gamescom, Paradox Interactive took the time to reveal their next Europa Universalis IV expansion, titled the Rights of Man. Europa Universalis IV is a grand strategy title that focuses more closely on historical accuracy as a basis. You take charge of a nation starting in the Middle Ages (1444) up through the Early Modern period of Europe (1821). At the moment there isn’t a trailer for it, but here’s a video refresher as to what the base game is about, just in case you’ve forgotten about it since it’s 2013 initial release.

What the Rights of Man expansion boils down to is adding a layer of complexity to the diplomacy gameplay mechanics of the game. The most noteworthy of these features is the Great Power mechanic, that allows more advanced nations to intimidate weaker ones into doing their bidding. Along with that, the monarchs of your nation get character traits. These result in overall bonuses or penalties, and has an effect on how other countries see you. There’s an array of smaller tweaks being thrown in with this expansion, such as: the Ottomans get new Harem Politics events and options, greater control over cultural adoption, and more detailed military instructions for Subject Nations.

The expansion is set to release sometime in the not too distant future. One wasn’t mentioned at the time of the initial announcement. Europa Universalis IV is available for PC (Mac/Linux). To learn more about what’s in store for this game, head on over to their website, Twitter, and Facebook.