Seasons After Fall Has a Release Date


Seasons After Fall is platform-puzzle game from Swing Swing Submarine with an enchanting atmosphere. It will be available for download on PC on September 2nd. You can pre-order the game via Steam at 15% off right now.

The Gamescom trailer was released for this game a few days ago as well.

You play as the wild fox, gifted with the ability to change the seasons and manipulate the world around you. Use the rain from Spring to raise water levels, then the cold of Winter to freeze it up, granting you a safe path to walk on.

These beautiful and exclusive images really capturing the enchanting world of Seasons After Fall and creates an atmosphere of both whimsy and wonder.

The Key Features of the game include controlling the seasons at will, solving organic puzzles with various living creatures, and freezing, growing, and changing the environment dynamically.

Meet the Guardians, strange divinities of the seasons and uncover a dark story.

You can also enjoy the environment in all its serenity, without enemies or interface. This game is exploration with no pressure.

Players will become immersed in the game as they travel in search of the Four Guardians to reunite the scattered Seasons and restore order in the Forest.