Naming Plants and Animals in No Man’s Sky? Don’t Bother.


No Man’s Sky came out to a rather love-hate reception from the public, with many critics saying it was a victim of it’s own hype. But one of the few saving graces of the title was the fact that you could name all the new discoveries you came across.

But apparently that’s not entirely true, according to a new finding.

A recent Reddit Post had all of the details about this ordeal.

So as I got closer to the center I thought to my self I should head back home good thing I set a waypoint on my starting planet to find my way back. I finally made it back after many hours and I found out all my discoveries were wiped and it said I discovered it on the 11th when I started on the 9th.. I check a few neighboring stars I discovered and their discovers were wiped.. So none of my named animals plants were ever saved. The system name and planet names were saved but everything elts was wiped. I’m kinda sad that after heading back that all that I discovered was never really saved except the system and planet names.. Edit:Thanks for the replies, seems like I have to re explore my starting system all over again! Thanks HG!

The comments in the thread seemed to echo the concerns had by the original poster. It seems as if the system and planet names are the only things that are saved into the game. If you name save points, plants, or animals, those names are only temporary and eventually get erased after a certain period of time. The argument appears to be centered around overall file size. Now individually? Saving text data has a minimal amount of storage necessary. But saving the text input of the entire player base? That adds up over time.

No Man’s Sky is available now for PS4 and PC. To keep up to date with the game, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.