New Narrative Title Blackwood Crossing Unveiled During Gamescom

Gamescom has brought out some exciting news and unveils so far. One of those reveals has been a new official trailer for Blackwood Crossing, a new story-driven adventure title from development team PaperSeven, which is made up of former developers from Black Rock Studio.

There are still plenty of questions left unanswered for the upcoming narrative video game, but so far we know that the title will revolve around two orphan siblings Finn and Scarlett. The duo finds themselves on an not so ordinary train ride where an eerie-looking rabbit shows up.

As a fan of narrative-driven video games, I can’t wait to see more details emerge from this new project. Interestingly enough, Oliver Reid-Smith, the author behind The Room, is the writer and lead designer of the Blackwood Crossing, which could prove that this will be a thrilling story waiting for players to unfold.

Unfortunately, there are no real concrete details in terms of a release date other than a launch window for some point next year, 2017. However, we do know that Blackwood Crossing will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.