Meet Delores Edmond of Thimbleweed Park


Back in 2014, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick turned to Kickstarter in order to crowdfund Thimbleweed Park – a game that serves as a sort of spirtual successor to their classic titles from the 1980s (Maniac Mansion) and 1990s (The Secret of Monkey Island). This is a story centered around five different characters in the spooky town of Thimbleweed Park, that all happen to have a brush with the paranormal in one way or another as the game plays out.

In a new video uploaded to Gilbert’s YouTube channel, we get to meet Delores Edmond. As one of the main cast members, she’s got one hell of a family history.

She gives us the backstory about how the town came to be in the first place. Her uncle was a pillow industry Titan and built a city around his famous factory. Thimbleweed Park became a bustling social hub that drew successful and wealthy people in, out of sheer curiosity and interest. But when the factory had to close down their business, the splendor of the surrounding town went away with it. In the husk and ruins of this land, Delores is the heir to her uncle’s empire. Although his vision was to have his niece restore it to it’s old glory, Delores sees the corruption and darkness lurking in the shadows. Something evil was born in the old days of Thimbleweed Park, and someone needs to stop it.

Thimbleweed Park comes out in Early 2017 for PC (Mac/Linux), Xbox One, and mobile devices (iOS & Android). To look deeper into the game’s mysteries, you should seek their website and Twitter.