Enter the World of Blackwood Crossing

BlackwoodCrossingHeaderIndependent game studio PaperSeven announced their first title today. Blackwood Crossing is a first-person adventure game about the relationship between Scarlett and Finn. They’re orphans who grow up together and face the challenges of maturity and adulthood. The game appears to take place on a train ride that causes Scarlett and Finn to learn more about themselves.

Co-founder of PaperSeven Alice Guy said that “There’s been some fantastic narrative adventure games coming out in recent times – we’re hoping to take a place at this table whilst offering something different to what’s come before. Blackwood Crossing is evidence of our desire to explore experiences with depth and meaning, and create characters that challenge the often clichéd gaming landscape.”

Blackwood Crossing
is expected to arrive to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2016. Check out PaperSeven’s website, Twitter, and Facebook for the latest updates.