Titanfall 2 Beta Will Not Be Available For PC


There are plenty of gamers out there that are eager to get their hands on a copy of Titanfall 2. Today, a new blog post from Vince Zampella, founder, and CEO of Respawn Entertainment, has revealed an upcoming beta for Titanfall 2. However, one platform that won’t be receiving the beta is PC and Vince Zampella explains why.

We’re sure there are plenty of gamers out there that are upset about not receiving a Titanfall 2 beta for the PC platform. Instead, only gamers on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms will be able to take part of Respawn Entertainment’s multiplayer tech test.

This upcoming test will allow Respawn Entertainment the ability to stress their servers and since the developers are using a server backend per-platform, they won’t have to test multiple platforms. One platform that is receiving the boot from the upcoming beta list is PC and there are two big reasons why PC gamers won’t be able to enjoy the game alongside console gamers.

Apparently, the developers are still working on supporting a variety of hardware and have yet to do a minimum specification optimization.

“We’re still making a lot of tweaks and changes to the renderer, the game, and effects so we haven’t run the game through the hardware compatibility lab yet to detect and handle a large variety of hardware – video cards, CPUs etc. Quite frankly, we aren’t ready to deal with that yet, we are still making the game better. We also haven’t done enough work to fully support our ‘Min Spec’ on PC yet. So, currently, the PC game isn’t as easy to throw out for testing as the console is, because of the additional variables and configurations that we need to support.”

Another main reason as to why the developers are putting off from releasing a PC beta of Titanfall 2 is due to select gamers that tend to dig into the game files. Vince Zampella feels that some gamers would potentially dig too deep into the game and come across secrets that are stored for the single player campaign.

“Because the single player story has some wonderful secrets that we really want to preserve for launch, we also have to worry about leaks.  Our wonderfully curious PC players have proven in the past that they will dig out anything they can, and there’s a risk that they could spoil some of our single players.”

So far there are no details as to when the beta for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers will begin, but gamers can pick up a copy of Titanfall 2 when it launches on October 28, 2016, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.