Street Fighter V Update Once Again Targets Rage Quitters


Street Fighter V did not have the smoothest launch, but as time goes on the development team, Capcom has continued to work at improving gamers overall experience. One of the main issues gamers had been dealing with since the game launch has been rage quitters and with this latest upcoming update, Capcom looks to punish those who can’t stay for the fight duration.

This is not the first time Capcom has worked to deliver a system in an attempt of preventing rage quits. In the past, Capcom has implemented measures to prevent rage quitters and according to the developer’s official blog posting, they have seen the number of incomplete matches drop.

However, Capcom wishes to see that number lower even more with the latest update once again targeting those players who leave a match early. According to the blog post, rage quitters will lose League Points and will be locked out from online matchmaking for a set duration of time, but it’s not known quite yet how long a rage quitter will be locked out from online matches.

Gamers can expect this update to rollout onto Street Fighter V after the server maintenance that will be performed after the upcoming server maintenance.

Furthermore, the Capcom blog posting also gives a little heads up as to what gamers can expect from September’s update. For starters, there will be a Double Fight Money event which will give players double FM earning in ranked matches. Additionally, there will be a variety of other additions such as color options for costumes and a VS CPU option.

Here’s the full detail list that will be coming out in September’s update.

  • VS CPU Option
  • Daily Targets
  • Daily challenges with Fight Money rewards!
  • Fighter Profile Updates!
  • Free colors for Season Pass holders
  • Colors 3-10 for Default and Battle costumes of the 6 DLC characters
  • Premium costumes will now include colors!
  • Colors 3-10 of the purchased premium costume
  • Color bundles available for purchase via FM or Real Money
  • All 22 Characters’ Default & Story Costumes Color Pack 3-10

Street Fighter V is available for purchase right now on the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms.