Microsoft Confirms Trade-In Programs For Project Scorpio

Xbox One S Console Vertical Right Angle

After being rumored and speculated on, Microsoft confirmed their upgraded console, Project Scorpio, during their E3 2016 press conference debriefing. Although, Microsoft was still relatively tight-lipped on the console and its specifications, but instead giving more of a general consensus as to how the system would handle gaming. Now, Microsoft has confirmed that there will be trade-in programs to allow gamers the ability to purchase their upcoming Project Scorpio at a lower cost.

It’s become quite apparent that gamers were pretty weary from big-name companies such as Microsoft and Sony, both making upgraded consoles more frequently than ever before. Now, both companies could have a number of disgruntled gamers that recently purchased their latest console to only be set back by an already superior device.

We’ve also been wondering if either Sony or Microsoft would attempt to make some type of transition to get gamers on the latest hardware. Today, Microsoft’s Xbox Services general manager, Dave McCarthy, has spoken on trade-in programs with the Daily Star.

According to Dave McCarthy, Microsoft is hoping that gamers partake in upcoming retail partners trade-in programs to offset the cost of their upcoming Project Scorpio.

“Some of our retail partners today do trade-in programs and that’s definitely going to be partnerships we continue to move going forward.”

Details are still scarce as we still don’t know the price point of their updated Xbox One console, nor if these retailers will offer a special trade-in promotional. Regardless, Dave McCarthy made sure to mention that the Project Scorpio console will be able to sync and connect to normal Xbox One controllers along with its ability to play Xbox One video games, so you probably won’t want to trade those in.