Shadows of the Hist Dungeons Coming Soon to Elder Scrolls Online

ElderScrollsOnlineHistFeaturedPlayers of The Elder Scrolls Online are in for another update, scheduled to arrive this August. A new dungeon expansion, as well as a more elaborate and flexible appearance customization system are coming their way soon.

Just recently, the Dark Brotherhood was introduced to both PC and console players.

The main attraction of this is the addition of two Argonian dungeons, in the upcoming Shadows of the Hist DLC package. The Cradle of Shadows has the player team up with Dark Brotherhood Argonians as they battle against rogue assassins terrorizing the Black Marsh. In Ruins of Mazzatun, you’ll explore the Puzzle City ruins of the Argonian Xit-Haxt tribe, freeing people from brutual slave lords. They’re both four-man group dungeons that each have three new item sets, achievements, and a monster mask set. ESO Plus members get this DLC for free, but it’ll be available for 1,500 crowns in the ESO Crown Store too.

ElderScrollsOnlineCosmeticWith the Style Parlor, you can now change your race, name, and appearance via a token system in the Crown Store. ESO Plus members have the exclusive ability to dye their costumes and hats at Dye Stations, using whatever dyes they unlock with achievements. But there’s also the opportunity to buy dye stamps individually in the Crown Store, which come pre-loaded with a certain color scheme. The entire list of upcoming changes is readable here on the game’s website.

This Elder Scrolls Online update arrives August 1st for PC/Mac, and August 16th for PS4 and Xbox One.