Overwatch Is Now The Most Popular Game In Korean Internet Cafes


Without a doubt, Overwatch was one of the most prolific releases we had in gaming in quite a while, especially in the arena-FPS genre. Not only did Blizzard manage to create a very successful shooter in a genre that they never tried before, the game is now ranked at the top in the internet cafes around Korea overthrowing League of Legends.

According to a recent Gametrics┬ácharts, Overwatch now sits at the top with 29.56% of the games played across South Korea’s 4000+ internet cafes. League of Legends is at second place with 28.33% and the distant third is Sudden Attack at 7.93%.

This comes to no surprise, really. Overwatch has been selling pretty well since its release, approaching a million units sold so far. For an online-only arena FPS game, that’s a pretty big number. Also, Blizzard’s polish and quality really shows in Overwatch. I think it’ll keep its place as the most played game in Internet Cafes in South Korea, and maybe all around Asian countries for quite a long time.